Thursday, 30 September 2010

Enjoyment comes to those who wait!

together once more
So the last couple of days Odin has been a little busy...lets say due to business related items...and has been away! During this time I have been updated my studio and sorting out shots for my Camera business. I think I am just about ready now for my first official photo shoot...grins

Anyway today Master was back and after watching him with others as he teased me mercifully we finally got to be together once more...mmmmm...Oh god how nice it was to be with him once more to have my needs and desires answered and to know that his to were being answered....smiles

So I am as they say a very happy and lucky woman right now....having my Owner back makes my heart beat faster with untold pleasure and excitement

Life is good!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dark Den catch up!

New look
So more recently my home from home Dark Den has had a bit of change around! Following a nasty storm and the UN causing yet more problems to the small island the towns people and other countries who send helpers our way have rebuilt the town and put up new structures.

The New look and updated town has caused some confusion but on the whole as it is explored and places found it has become a great place to be...the normal people are there but it will take a while for the PRG to fully recover!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Need I say more?


Could I possibly be more excited than I am right now? OK so I am bubbling over right now and I can't stop smiling! Nervous? Hell Yes but that's good....if I wasn't I would be worried....Happy? You better believe it....Unable to shut up about it?...hmmm better ask my Owner about that ;P

Monday, 27 September 2010

Silence falls on the Farshore/Winterwolf Household....

Receiving shocking news!
So following an amazing Sex Session last Thursday it was discovered that my Master, who can be forgetful at times, managed to forget to remove the tape from the camera at the studio in Dark a gentleman to the end as always he raced back to claim back something that belonged to us....only it appears that he was too late!

OK so we have indeed been here before I mean I can't tell you all of what happened but lets say we were flashed all over the internet and became famous overnight it has taken ages to live that reputation down and now we find ourselves dealing with another potentially damaging situation....of course my first reaction was shock and then I got incredibly upset....putting an arm around me Master told me to keep my chin up he had left a note for the tape napper and that soon we would see their hand...or what they were made of!

Now I'm not sure what he meant by that...I guess time will tell!

Monday Fun

Home together

So now that Odin is home again from his one day of business we celebrated with some quality time this morning at home and it was lovely...I love days like this when we get time to be with each other and have quality time together....mmmm there is nothing else like it in the world as I get to hear his growls and Purr in response!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Winterwolf's Sex Journal - Part Three - Sens and Aki

So today Odin was away on business, although he was getting messages to me in any way he could and as often as he could, so I spent the day pottering around in the house re-arranging the attic and setting up my studio...for now I will be doing all my photo shoots at the house so that I can find a decent place to rent in the future.

On our Knees
Sens and Aki
Anyway in the afternoon as I was playing with my camera set up a very sexy friend turned up with her husband in toe...I hadn't met him before and he was very shy but as Sens and I chatted and flirted as we often do Aki felt at home and soon time flew by as we toured the house and then took our friendship to the bedroom as the camera flashed the 3 of us pleased and pleasured each girlfriend and her husband in my bed with me all that was missing was my partner he would have loved watching his 'lover' and his 'gal' making out and enjoying each other but more than that he would have gone wild watching me with Aki

MMMmmm....3 Sum fun
The Camera continued to click as we played and teased each other hands, lips and tongues exploring one another....tangled bodies wrapped together in bliss...cries and moans filling the air as we moved in sync with each adding to the excitement...mmmm it was a very good Sunday Evening....roll on the next time and hopefully Odin will be with us...I know that both Sens and I missed him madly and I just know that him and Aki will get on so well

Oh and yes he loved the pictures when I showed him later in fact they drove him wild!

Photography Business now Official!


So "Winterwolf Owned Photography Studio" now has a logo as the pic shows!'s all coming together and soon I will have a page of work to show off to!...Watch this space!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Love and Friendship

Our Position....grins
Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
Love is what makes you feel so confident and makes you tackle even the hardest situations
Love is what makes you smile and feel good inside
Love is what makes the world go around and will always do so

Love is what I feel for my's what makes us who we are as a couple and has never meant more to me than it does right now... and with love alongside it is friendship....our friendship is solid and keeps our feet on the ground even when it is difficult at times....with such a small amount of time left before we are together our sessions on line become more intense and mean so much more than they have ever meant before....of course they have always been important to us its what keeps our relationship alive but now its all leading to that moment when we get to complete our bond in just a few short weeks! When I get to take his collar and be his Owned!

I am a lucky woman to have found the man I have been searching for all my life...I am lucky to have stumbled upon him when both our paths were ready to cross.....another time, another place, we may not have had this chance.

28th October 2010 can't come soon enough!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Winterwolf's Sex Journal - Part Two

Growls and Purrs!

Ok so what can i say except Wow! Tonight I have been totally swept off my feet! Master and I got to spend some quality time together and oh god did we!

Firstly we went to the shooting Range in Dark Den to practice with our guns...I love the pistols he brought me and I love being able to use them. Master has his gun and we head off to practice whenever we can..Master seems to think that I am rather good at it to...smiles.

Anyway after the practice on the range we went off for a walk round and stumbled across members of the PRG and enjoyed chatting and swapping banter for a bit before Master lead me off to a shop called the XXX Shop (which sells Adult Movies) and lead me upstairs by the hand to where before us was a Red Silk covered mattress some Photogaphy/Video lights, a still Camera and a couple or recording Video Camera's.

Now for anyone who knows us we do have a Video Camera in our Attic with our Adult toys but well there is something rather naughty about using different equipment in another area. You know adding a bit of spice to the proceeding and so forth so of course we had to try it out!

So Master switched on the equipment with a sly smile and after sharing a passionate kiss, helping us both to relax in the surroundings we got down to the serious business of making our own movie. Starting gently at first enjoying the pleasure or being with one another and forgetting about the outside world it really didn't take long for Master and I to get undressed and find our natural rhythm together and believe me it was fantastic...I can honestly say that when I am with Master I hardly ever take my eyes off him...he fuels my desires and makes me purr like a kitten which matches his lust and growls of need! We compliment each other in so many ways, we often think alike and we know just how to push each other's buttons.


Our love making in front of that Camera was gentle but in places full of need, want and desire.

Sometimes Master has a tendency to be a little rough when his animal lust takes over....and I love of course there was a bit of that gives him such an incredible feeling to know that I submit and give myself to him...he knows I am his and I will always belong to him....just as I know that he is mine and always will be....there is no-one I would rather be may have taken us a while to get together but that moment when I became his has captured my love and will be engraved in my memory and on my heart forever.

When we have special nights like tonight (and I am sure the pictures tell the story) it brings home to me just how much I love him and what he means to me! I can truthfully say I am a very lucky Woman! Master asked me to be his and took his collar with pride all those months ago and I have never looked back

My only thought now is did Master remember to remove the tape from the camera...I would hate for that to end up in the wrong hands...hmmm I must ask him

"Oh Master........"

Oh My God....RL Post

5 Weeks!
Oh how time (not that I can believe it) is 5 weeks (yes that's right just 5 weeks) till Odin and I get to be together....WOW!

When we first started planning this trip it just seemed so far away....I thought it might never get here (I mean I knew it would but it was just so far away it seemed impossible) Now with the moment almost upon us and other things starting to happen around us that need to happen to give us a clear, if unsteady and bumpy, path ahead of us it just brings home to me how much I can't wait to be with him.

Right now I am just so happy and as the countdown now hots up my head is filled with many thoughts from the excitement and anticipation to the thoughts of which suitcase to take!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Keyhole Club

So here I am at the Keyhole Club, this has been a favourite place for Odin and I for such a long time now and is somewhere we like to go to watch others, to tease each other, to show those standing around just watching what good RP is and is a place that both of us will go when we are on our own.

We both love the pleasure we get from being together and from being with others taking photo's and driving each other wild with lust and's what makes us the people we are, it's what keeps us going when we are apart and it's what gives our relationship that extra kick when we both need some extra excitement or crave the need to bring each other to the edge with ease

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

As the days draw ever closer

Time moves quickly
You know it has struck me that with just over a month to go till I get to be with my Owner just how quick the last 10 months have that time I have evolved from being who I was then which was an unhappy, unloved person in a relationship that was suffocating me, a person who wanted so much more from life to someone who has grown in so many ways in the hands of a man who has made me feel the complete opposite to how I did back then...these days I smile often, I laugh lots and I enjoy life. I am learning to grab every single moment with both hands and I am a pleasure to be around. I have learnt more about myself as a person than I could have ever thought possible....more about what makes me who I am and how I have not been true to my wants and desires until now.

If some-one had said to me a year ago that I would meet a man who would make me feel the way I do now, who would have me give myself to him completely, who's collar I would take and want to wear with pride, who would sweep me off my feet and make my life complete by turning it on it's head and holding me close with so much distance between us...I would probably have laughed and told them to not be so silly....but life has a funny way of bringing people together when they least expect I want to submit to HIM, I crave HIS control over me and I need HIS collar around my neck. Strong emotions needs and wants that pulsate through me on a daily basis.

I am so much more confident and that's only possible because the man I love gives me all the support in the world and compliments me at every opportunity....I watch from a distance as his life changes knowing that I am a big part of that...knowing that he gives up so much because of me...oh yes the last 10 months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions and actions....our bond growing ever tighter as the love for each other grows ever stronger....our need to be with each other, our hunger for one another and the words we whisper to one another when we are alone all culminating for now in 11 days that are coming ever closer now and then afterwards, after that bond is completed, the rest of our lives together.

In SL the house we share is a home because we get to be us, it's the one place we get to act as a couple, the walls have pictures that ooze memories of times we have shared together we have pictures in our inventory's that show the love we have for each other and each has a story behind them. In RL we share Emails and calls, we speak all the time, we think of each other constantly during the day and our lives cross in so many ways.

Oh yes the next month or so is going to be hard there are more twists to come over the next 5 weeks and for some of it I am helpless only able to watch listen and offer my love, support and advice...but we knew this would not be easy...we knew this moment would come and now it's almost upon us all I want to do is wrap my arms around him and be there with heart aches right now but in 5 short weeks I will be able to do just what it desires and for 11 days I get to be with my man....I get to show him what he means to me in more than just words and as I write this my thoughts turn to the what happens after that....the plans we are already making the difficult path we will wind together how I will grow under his control, how I will support him and how the love we have for each other will continue to flow as the bond we have holds us close no matter the distance until we can be together always.


Monday, 20 September 2010

Photography Buisness

So Finally I have decided on a name for my Business it's taken a while to get it going but I am very proud of it and below are a few of the pictures I have created thanks to Master Odin

I am very proud of the way they are turning out and these are just samples there is more already created and lots more to be watch this space next to find premises!

So introducing...Winterwolf's Owned Photography Studio


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Busy Weekend

Busy times
This weekend both my RL and SL have been busy with all sorts....close friends requesting my help more patients to see at the Mama Allpa clinic my SL business taking off, family visiting at home leading me away from SL and of course finding time to be with Master/Owner as the weekend built up around us....finally though Sunday was a day of excitement for me on SL as I got to enjoy witnessing my partner with another Female while I was with her partner and what an amazing feeling that was as we kept an eye on each other throughout and afterwards we got to be together once more.

Oh yes SL this weekend has been a pleasure as it always is and yet it's not over tonight there will indeed be more to come....I can not wait to see the man I love once more

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Photography (SL Post)

Relaxing scene
Well for all those of you who don't know Master and I are very fond of taking pictures of one another and others on a daily basis...most of which are on display in our house....this got me a Midwife for Mama Allpa I wondered how many Mothers and Fathers to be would like pictures during the pregnancy and that got me thinking on all sorts of other pictures to....Master always praises me for my pictures and loves many of the ones that I past to with that in mind I have decided to start up a photography business!

So currently I am looking for space to put my studio and people to use as part of my portfolio...I have my first official photo shoot for a pregnant woman on Monday so watch this space...I can't decide on a name yet but I am sure that will come to me over the next few days!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bending the truth, Lies and Hurt! Soap Box Alert!

Hurt...this is a word I hate...almost as much as the word lying or as some like to refer to it as 'Bending the truth' I have witnessed my fair share of it in my life, as have others I know. But sometimes people say things maybe to impress others but don't realise how they inflict pain on people who have been good friends with them, cared for them unconditionally, and helped them in ways above and beyond the status of their friendship!

I won't reveal who was involved or how and why it came about...I was not the one hurt directly...indirectly yes it smarted and watching another person hurt is not something that I want to witness on a regular basis but some people just don't think before they speak and their words make others feel the pain of a past sadness all over again...I am sure it was immaturity in this particular instance on the part of the person who did not think!

Still I wish people would remember what really happened, what was really felt and how it ended the way it did for a reason....bending the truth to suit is a way of tarnishing whatever good memories were left and sours the present not just the past.

I'll get off my soap box now!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

What is RP? My thoughts on it!

My Love
Role play.....what does it mean? It means to to act out a scene with others as characters building up a story line...what happens when that RP crosses into RL?

What happens when your love for some one you RP with is real?....It suddenly becomes give over more and more of share and act out desires and imagine yourself in that very same situation the feelings are intense, the need is so strong and the desire pulses through you. The lines cross and blend together...the pleasure floods through your body and the emotion is real its raw.

To soon it ends and the pain begins the pain of leaving that intense state of mind where the pleasure makes you tingle all head back to reality....the memory forever locked in your mind and heart as you calm down from the experience, the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline rush.....the pain is as real as the pleasure.

This is not just RP and for Odin and I RP on SL is the visual part of our relationship but each RP is a step closer to our goal of being together a learning curve if you's how we get to tease and explore each other and on mic as we RP things develop things get said and done and together we reach new heights of pleasure and pain.

I wouldn't swap it for the world of course not...these times we share together are magical!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

6 Weeks...time flies by

Soon enough
6 Weeks today i start my Holiday at work and get ready to fly abroad to be with the man I love.

6 Weeks tomorrow I board that plane and fly half way across the world to be with him.

It's at that stage that we will finally be able to link together all we have discussed and wanted to do together for so long....believe me that night can not come soon enough!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

2 Hearts as 1

Sometimes feelings have a way of sneaking up on you and when they do there is a certain amount of amazement that comes from something that you never expected.

Time is flying by
Sometimes words are not enough to explain to someone just what they mean to you or how something they have done completes you in ways that you could not have imagined before they entered your life.

Couldn't be clearer
Tonight I am left feeling like I am on top of the world and as I go to bed my heart is so light and the love I feel for my Owner and that love that I receive as his Owned is so strong that I can't help but smile....I am 100% sure that half way across the world a certain man in my life feels the same way I do even if he has to keep a lid on it right now....but in a few short weeks our commitment to one another will be complete and we will finally get to show how we feel to one another in person

That moment can't come soon enough my really can't.

Catching up! Tara

Io and me
So tonight I got to see my sister in SL Tara!

Tara and I met in Glint when she delivered the twin boys. At the time I was the slave of her brother IO in Dark Den and she was and in my eyes still is the best doctor in the world. She was there to encourage me and her brother through the birth in the Mama Allpa Clinic...of course the boys were Odin's but no-one knew that except me at the time although of course IO knew they weren't his (later on both IO and Tara admitted that they guessed not long after they met Odin sometime later that he was the father of the boys!)

Tara Io and me
Anyway for many reasons Tara and I found that we had so much in common and as we got to know each other our friendship grew...she is my sister and best friend in SL...she makes me laugh and she is there when I need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend and she knows she can talk to me about anything and our friendship goes way beyond just SL.

Tara and Pry
As we have grown and our bond in friendship has become tighter I have watched her relationship with her Master Pry become so strong and she has watched me move on from IO into the arms of the man I love and adore my own Master Odin. Together we have gone through our SL pregnancies and we have shared many secrets 

In the Irish Collar
Tara and I have spent many times together chatting and having a laugh and for a whole week she was indeed my mistress of sorts after I lost a bet relating to a major England v's Ireland Rugby Match! Her Collar was indeed in the form of an Irish Rugby Shirt which I wore with pride and she taught me a song which I will now demonstrate for you all and for any of you with sensitive ears I would cover them now (don't say I didn't warn you)...coughing loudly as I clear my throat...'You can shove your fucking chariots up yer hole'
Tara my sister

Some people you meet just leave a mark in your life forever that has an effect on how you see the world for the better and meeting Tara has done just that for me...thanks to her I became a midwife in SL and an all round better person so Tara from the bottom of my heart I just want to say this "I love you T"

Monday, 13 September 2010

Warning soppy post

Need I say more?
So Monday once more...weekends sure go fast when your having fun....smiles

Lucky for me next weekend is a long weekend for me as I have a days holiday on Monday so I am looking forward to it plus next weekend is a busy weekend in my life with all sorts happening so I will need the extra day to recover....smiles

So time is flying by now till the current chapter in my life involving the man I love and the desires we share finally enters a path that we have dreamed about for so long....every single part of me tingles at the thought of being in his arms, my heart races as I think about the moment we have longed for finally being there for us to grasp.

It may be hard for some people to understand what we have, what we share, what we mean to each other and others will and do understand it perfectly, right now all I want is for the time between now and being in his embrace to fly by.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday update

Look at my Guns....lower your eyes cheeky!
So its Sunday once more....after a surprise visit from Odin yesterday afternoon and a trip to the PRG to see the new look DD (which I will post about later on) this morning was all about us and as always it was wonderful...there is something so delightful about our Sunday morning time together...not just that we have time alone and can enjoy just being us but its also a time for us to make plans and enjoy the closeness we feel...especially as our special day draws nearer....grins and blushes...on that front things are coming along nicely and I hope to have news to share with you all later this week...smiles

Anyway so after having some quality time with my Owner and Master...Odin and Winterwolf went looking at I'm not really sure about guns but Master did buy me some 'tomb raider' style guns and took me to the range and got me to seems I was OK at it and enjoyed it....looking forward to taking on master shortly and have him kick my arse...smiles

After he left me I did some shopping for pose balls that I need for a business venture I have planned....more to follow this space!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Storm in the Farshore Household!

Keyhole Club
So you know how it happens you stumble on some-one who compliments what you have already and seems to just fit in perfectly! Well that's what has happened to us....this morning we were at the Keyhole Club and we were watching others chatting about all sorts having been elsewhere first and finally settling on this destination.

Odin was busy chatting up women in IM as is often the case when I get the need to watch him with others and then he was approached by a woman, who for obvious reasons as your discover in a moment, was beautiful saying that we made such a lovely couple....awwww.

So I turned to look and her hair was a gorgeous shade of striking pink which made me look closer and then I did a double was like looking in a mirror....she was the spitting image of me.....for a few minutes all I could do was giggle and keep repeating "Oh my God she is just like me" Odin was laughing and on closer inspection it was my turn to laugh as he said how alike we were (now I know others will say that all AVI's that use the same skin will look alike but I have indeed changed Winterwolf to make her different and here was anothher who was just the same as me).

Us with Storm
So I got talking to her and we were indeed so so many ways....there and then I had met my Twin! Now I know what people will say 2 of Selina? God help us....but honestly she is so lovely. Now Odin and I have been on the look out for others to enjoy as we expand our horizon in the sexual world that we have developed and already we have his sensual lover Sens who is a pure delight and now let me introduce you to Storm!

So we went back to our place and there the 3 of us made small talk had a tour around the house and then got down to the serious work...playtime! It was almost like she had been with us for ages as the 3 of us started to play and she just fitted in...Odin was enjoying himself immensely....then business (RL) got in the way and he had to leave...with both me and Storm wishing he could of stayed a little longer! As Odin departed on Business he told us not to do anything he wouldn't and winked leaving us both giggling on the bed.

Storm my Twin
After he left Storm and I turned our attention to each other and it sizzled in that house....this Storm was here to stay....I think the picture on the left tells more than words ever as I said she walked into our life by accident and so far appears to be just what we have been looking for I hope we all have many more encounters...and as she fell asleep tired and happy following our session I reached for my pen and wrote this with a happy smile on my it looks like my family is growing in more ways than!

Friday, 10 September 2010

DD and the PRG

Changes afoot at the Dark Den according to the this space for more info as and when I get chance to explore and see what they do to it...Since I arrived as the DD I have seen it go through a few I am excited to see what happens this time!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cured my SL log in problems

So your all be pleased to know that I have, I believe, finally cured my log in problems!

Thanks to a kind gentleman who IM'd me a few days ago when he spotted my cloud in a part of SL that I had only been to once (on a fleeting visit) and following a discussion with him when I next logged in and the passing of a landmark (LM) and a visit to that sim it would appear that the log in problem has been cured!

For the last few days I have been able to come and go as I please without appearing on line when I'm not so I am happy to be my normal self once more (and I am sure that Master is pleased to have me back to normal to) so now don't be afraid to say Hi! I should be there!

Oh and as a side note....I never did hear from LL regarding my problem! Thank LL thankfully I sorted it...need more staff?

Display names in SL

So SL are looking to trial a new system on of display names so that you don't have to just have your account name as the display name in the box above your head under the Viewer system your using....great especially for people who have partnered others and wish to share it with the world! Personally this is a feature I think has been missing for ages and it still displays by the sound of it your original name in your profile so this will have the added bonus of making people read profiles which has to be good for everyone I would have thought especially for Role Play areas when important information in your profile would be handy to know like limits and so on!

Currently however it appears it is being trailed on SLV2 only but well watch this space I am sure others will follow! Read up is below on the link!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Today is a good day!

Smiling at my Owner
I am sorry that I never put something on here yesterday but there really wasn't anything to report....well there will be soon as far as SL is concerned but I am waiting for other things to fall into place before I start talking about that!

So I got time on line with my Owner this morning and we chilled out watching other's....winks....and enjoying each other's company before I had to dash off to work....OK so that's the only bad part of the Day...chuckles.

Anyway the day started off with Rain but the weather has got nicer as the day has worn on and my Owner has had me smiling as he has been sending me emails which have put a smile on my face regarding my future collars!

I am a very lucky woman indeed and I love him very much

So I thought I would send a quick update and tell you all to watch this space!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

PRG going on's

PRG Symbol
OK so Master had to leave me on important business this morning after a few hours together...coughs...having I did some bits at home (a woman's work is never done) while singing at the top of my voice (thank god no-one dropped by) and eventually I ventured out the fresh air in my lungs was good and I found myself heading for Dark Den. On route I picked up a copy of the DDI and imagine my surprise at the changes happening in Glint! My Dear friend Lacey and her Master (Master Marvin) have opened their beautiful Yacht 'Lacey II" to the public....which I think is such a blessing for the lucky residents, so Thank you both of you....however what really surprised me was the Spaceship on top of the 'Bordello' (I must say having been to look at it, it is simply amazing) and the spaceship is called 'Selene' (which I have to say is how I wish my name was spelt!) it's so large but looks right at home there and I urge all to go explore....right now time for a nap baby carrying can be tiresome.....I think I'll put the kettle on

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Nice Surprise

It's always the surprises that make you smile and feel a certain amount of pleasure from...take Odin getting on line and surprising me this evening....He had me smiling from ear to ear when he joined me in the house and we got to spend some time together once i said before I love Weekends they really are my favourite days!

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer
Thank god for the birth of a new viewer...a new age....a replacement for Emerald something that works and makes SL a joy once more...Thank you Phoenix!

Winterwolf's sex Journal - Part One

Dear Journal,

Us loved up
Normally I keep my sex sessions with Odin in my head but today I feel a need to write down how I feel and what we experienced....Saturday and Sunday are my 2 favourite days of the week for so many reasons and this morning was just such a morning. We stepped into Olivia's Playhouse and immediately I knew that this was special. We got comfy on the couch and I couldn't resist wrapping my hand around his thigh squeezing gently as I looked at him and winked naughty thoughts running through my head. My own naughty thoughts matched by his as he took my hand from his thigh and placed it over his growing bulge beneath the tight fitting Jeans that he was that moment a thought went through my head that I was indeed the luckiest woman in SL to have found a man who understands me who desires me as much as I desire him. A strong tremble passing through my body as he pulled me up onto his lap and I straddled him placing my legs either side of hands undressing him as we kissed deeply, my fingers buried in his chest hair as I teased his nipples with soft feather like need to be with him over be his owned as I always am and always will be.

My eyes glued to his own as his hands explore my body beneath my silks and I felt the firm grip of my arse cheeks before he was lifting me over his shoulder and carrying me upstairs to a bedroom....clothes being torn off as he commands me to the rug animal instinct driving us on as his strong arms lift me and place me gently down onto the eagerness to please him and be pleased by him the feeling I have with him the same since the first day we met except now much, much stronger. It consumes me in such a bond of love and pleasure. Its the same feeling that keeps me warm on cold nights when he cant be with me, on mornings when business keeps him away, and its the same feeling that sends pulses through my body at the sound of his voice, just a few words from him can make me putty in his hands....its a hold over me that I can't explain....a love so pure it could melt the most hardened of hearts and makes each and every single second with him such a pleasure. A hold that I cherish and never want to have stop a hold that brings a smile to my face and makes me feel the collar around my neck with my fingers and savour the way my heart skips a beat in delight.

His need for release now so obvious as he slides his hardened shaft into my mouth and slides back and forth my tongue playing with his PA ring the cold steel such a contrast to his heat as I enjoy the feeling of his hands sliding down my naked body with him leaning over me his hands playing with my slut belt and then his rough fingers on my soft skin tracing the owned tattoo on my belly before his hands move lower and I whimper in pleasure my desire for him over flowing now as we move together my hips rolling as my back arches to him as he slides deeper down my throat the moment of release just minutes away....his growl sending shudders of delight through my body as I hear him getting closer.....and then the magical moment of release the feeling of a close bond we share and the desire and need of two people in love as he lets his seed flow and the familiar taste fills my senses....but this is not the end oh no he is not a selfish lover he knows how his owned must meet her own desire and as the lust grips hold of him he turns me over, as he continues the control, so I am on my back my hands beneath me pinned beneath him as he slides deep into me our moans filling the air the sexual chemistry obvious to any who may look upon us as he thrusts deep over and over as I roll my hips and grind to meet his thrusts our moments in sync.....sweat on his skin as it glistens in the light the feel of our bodies moving against each other making us both tremble...words or love being whispered between us as me move closer to our goal of being as one once again.

Tenderness shared
My cry of pleasure filling the air as I respond to him my breasts swaying and bouncing with every thrust into my body as my trembles turn to shivers and shudders the speed increasing as I match him pace for pace rocking back and forth as I grind. My inner walls grip and release him in rhythm as my body arches to him once more, almost massaging his shaft deep within the feeling intense as we reach for climax our lips upon one another as we kiss passionately and feel the electricity pass through us our tongues dancing and teasing. Now in this very moment as my body tenses and holds still breaking the kiss to roll my head back and cry out and then the shudder violent and sudden takes over as my orgasm grips me and he holds me tight to him and I hear him growl and join my pleasure once more the bond complete. This is the moment that means everything the moment when he gets to mix pleasure with pain and heighten my senses as he leaves his mark upon my skin as we reach a point of no return.

Gorgeous Couple
His continued thrust as we work through my orgasm my body responding and holding onto him tightly as he holds deep and slowly after what seems like ages our bodies start to calm down. The gasping for breath afterwards the sweet words of love and the tender caress of 2 lovers as we steady ourselves and bask in the glow of the sex we just enjoyed. Soft kisses and his strong arms as we settle together for our after sex hug the one that allows us to relive the experience in our minds as our bodies tingle. Owner and owned in each others arms wrapped up together not a care in the world our thoughts only for each other. Oh yes this is an insight into a magical world that we share this is a bond that makes me love him more every day. Having him as my Owner makes me thankful that we met, that he collared me, and that no matter how long it took for that to happen it was worth the wait for us both. Oh yes I am a lucky woman and it never escapes my mind that I am most fortunate we have 3 beautiful children and one on the way that proves just how lucky we are and to top that we have a gorgeous home with many pictures of us and our family and I as think back to how we may never have met if we hadn't been at the Breeding motel that day, how things could have been, I shudder knowing that destiny brought us together when we needed it most and a smile now plays on my lips as I rest safe in the knowledge that he is mine that I am his.

Odin mio Bello - Ti amo con tutta l'anima

Molto ama il suo Bella x