Sunday, 23 January 2011

RP and OOC coments

With respect to my Owner,

OK so I need to point something out that has been playing on my mind for just over a week now. RP in SL can be fast moving at times and we all play at different speeds...however people really should learn to read what is going on around them before they demand things...I don't want to say exactly what happened but a recent event in Glint where my Owner and I were interacting with a series of other characters...lead to a RP where I was in my role of submissive/slave/kajira and was doing as I was meant to which was following orders from my beloved Owner and another character there decided that he had a right to order me and another slave/pet who was with her Mistress to do something to help his RP with another normally if my Owner was not there or if my Owner was busy and I was not carrying out an order I would have jumped up out of courtesy and done exactly as I was asked but as I tried to reply while already directly replying to 2 other characters he started mouthing off that even with 2 slaves in the area neither wished to do as he had this Character is originally from Gor and should know that if the (we will say slave) slave has their Master/Mistress around they will look to them for orders not others. However it appeared that not only was he giving no time for others to reply but was even forgetting general Character RP....this lead to an OOC comment from me in which I told the said man to "button it" harsh maybe but I can't always type fast especially since I was ill at Christmas and New Year and am still not up to full speed yet. As it was I was in the process of typing out another message to help an immediate already ongoing RP and if he had IM'd me and asked if I would engage in the RP or did I have time due to the RP I was already in I would have advised him...had he approached my Owner he would have ordered me and the RP would not have resorted to OOC comments.

Following that incident the man muted not only myself but my Owner to who in my defence IC as part of the RP explained to the man that I was with him and carrying out his wishes/orders and that he should be approached for requests etc not have orders demanded of me in his presence. However at the time this muting was not forward 8 days later and in Glint with mostly the same characters around after my Owner left the said man admitted in local chat that he had in fact muted us both to all those around.

Well here's the thing...I have no problem with being muted that's fine I can cope with that but if your going to ignore RP already going on maybe it's your own RP that should be questioned not that of others around you

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 22 January 2011


With respect to my Owner

This week has been a busy one and a quiet one to.

RL has been very busy and with work being a bit difficult of late and new technology due in just around the corner I have been working extra hours and have been to tired or my mind to pre-occupied to come on line each night this week and so have hardly seen SL this week. I was on line with my Owner on Monday and Wednesday but other than that apart from some time on Friday evening today was the first real time I had spent on line

With that in mind my Clinic and Studio building is now up and thanks to the wonderful YT I now have up Mama Allpa signs on my clinic! I have started to put all the furniture back in there too but it's still a work in progress currently! My Dragon's are now a week old and I have had an egg hatch that I brought today and now have 5 dragons! However for some reason they are all male so I need to go on the search for a female at some time today! My Owner was on for a little while this evening and we saw a few of our friends in Glint yesterday after we had explored Nayeli and then went on to spend a little time in the Bordello before my Owner had to leave once more

During the week my Owner and I have done some more work on the land and slowly it is taking shape! I have a few changes to make over the next week or so....tonight I get to see my Owner for a few hours and next weekend I may not see him at all depending on circumstances as he will be away.

V now has her Spaceship back and all over Glint there are signs warning the Dragon not to go near...I myself am surprised at how things are turning out but well I guess only time will tell...Citizens have been advised to choose where they stand and me I am on the fence....I love La Prez she is wise and caring she has the interests of her people in the PRG at heart and we all respect her (well those that are not on the Dragon's side of course) but well I have a soft spot for the Dragon...Sir Gold was a gentleman the very first time I met him and has a warm place in my heart so I sit on the fence biting my nails and wondering where it is I should stand....for now I hide behind my Owner knowing that he will protect me and watch with wide eyes at the development reading the DDI (Click here to read the latest) as often as the bottle on my shore washes up with a new copy and whenever we pop to Glint I read one there to.

So that brings you all up to speed.....except for one thing which there will be a separate post on this space....

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Weekend once more

With respect to my Owner,

So this weekend I have spent lots of time with my Owner once more we have been to Glint and seen many of our friends. On Friday night there was the pleasure and pain event which we went to near the end as it turned a little sour as some-one tried to shoot at La Prez Cara and her right hand woman Miss Pearl this was followed by a dramatic show down with the Dragon Sir Goldfire and resulted in him taking over a cave under V's beloved spaceship Selene and actually taking over the spaceship to for a while. Sir Gold even took a prisoner for a while in Hell's Bells but finally she was released....this weekend in Glint has been a busy one!

We went to the Maui resort again for a while and had a bit of fun there. We both spoke to Sen's at various points over the weekend and we did some work on the House and land and we got a Sea Turtle and some new fish. Plus I now have baby Dragon's!

Amongst all that we found time for each other found a couple of new places my Owner brought some Art work that had the word Owned on it and now lives pride of place in our lounge and I started planning my new Clinic and Studio.

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday more time with my Owner....

With respect to my Owner

I got an even bigger surprise tonight as my Owner was able to take some time out from business this week and join me once more....we both went outside the house and did some building work, the sea on our land had been creating a natural channel inland and so we went to help it a little and now with quite an inlet of water. We are hoping that with some plants wildlife will want to live will be a chance for the kids to study how wildlife grows and lives and will become a beautiful sight!

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bordello work

With respect to my Owner,

Tonight I have been working on stuff for the Bordello with the change in Glint recently and the rebuild of the Bordello (which by the way looks amazing) Miss V has been working hard to make the place feel like home once more and I had the task of creating a new logo/badge/sign to match the new look which I believe reflects all the aspects that makes Glint and the Bordello what it is.

I have been working on other stuff to and this weekend I plan to finish what I have been working which is a surprise but I also have other sign's for the Pleasure and Pain nights to work on too so watch this space

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 10 January 2011

Maui Resort....enjoying one another

With respect to my Owner,

Dancing close
As always my Owner managed to surprise me last night, he had been having a slow day business wise so decided to cut loose and come home early with a babysitter in tow. Taking my hand he lead me out of the house and to a place that we often go when we want to get away from it all....Maui

The sunshine was warm on our skin and the sound of the sea roared on the beach below us as we arrived at the beautiful hillside retreat. Others were already gathered enjoying the dancing and drinking. The chat was loud as the party got into full swing. The Pool busy as always and everyone was having a good time.

Bump 'N' Grind
My Owner took my hand once more and lead me to the dance floor twirling me round and making me squeal and laugh in delight a broad smile on his face as he let go and enjoyed the place as much as I did. As we danced the day wore on and darkness began to fall. The music was loud the chatter was fun and with a sly smile he pulled me closer spinning me round so my back was against him. The beat of the music changing as we swapped our carefree dancing to a style of bump 'n' grind. Together our hips moved in time with each other as the world disappeared voices fading out as we only had eyes for one another. His hands on my body exploring just as they always do as his bulge in his swim shorts rubbed against me. My hands reaching up around his neck fingers running through his hair as my nails teased his scalp his growl of pleasure in my ear a sign of his enjoyment. We danced like that for ages as the night wore on teasing and pleasing one another his warm breath on my neck as his lips traced along it, the wiggle of my backside a sensual movement that was driving him wild as it stirred him more.

Sitting on the dock of a bay
After a while he whispered in my ear that we should go for a walk as he wanted to show me something and took me by the hand again his grip tight as he lead me away from the party on the hillside down some stone steps towards the beach. The music and chatter getting fainter the roar of the see louder. In front of us the Palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze the foam of the water lapping on the sand as we headed towards the Jetty. There tied up was the most beautiful boat that looked cosy and inviting, he lent into me and asked if I would sit on the dock while he went on board and took care of a few things and I sat there enjoying the warmth once more as the Sun rose high in the sky. After a few minutes he called me on board and I headed towards the front of the boat there in front of us was the most beautiful sight as the sun danced on the surface of the water a Killer Whale rose up into the sky and curved back into the water hardly a splash as it gracefully moved catching my breath with its magical movement the sea lapping at the side of the boat the occasional salty sea spray covering our bodies as he wrapped his arms around me and we looked out to sea, small tropical islands spread out in front of us as far as the eyes could see.

Once more his lips on my neck as we turned our attention back to each other, fingers teasing and exploring, lips caressing softly, bodies entwined as our sexual desires soared. Our hearts beating faster as our breathing changed while we undressed one another slowly making sure that our skin tingled from each others touches. As he pulled me down with him onto the boat my whimpers and purrs of pleasure merged with his growls of need want and desire. There on that boat we answered both our hearts as we made love the pleasure soft and gentle and then hard and needful. Every lustful moan and cry carried on the wind as we moved in sync with one another fitting together like 2 pieces of the same puzzle.

Joined as one
Afterwards as we lay in each others arms trying to get our breath back our skin glistening with sweat and sea spray we whispered sweet nothings to each other our bond as Owner and owned strengthened once more the unity between us solid and secure. We could have stayed like that for hours but my Owner would soon need to head out on business once more and as a mother my work is never done so we headed back to the house where upon arrival we woke the babysitter on the sofa as we took up our role as parents once more and peeked into the children's bedroom. Our Prince's and Princess asleep with their animals snoring softly and as we tucked them in and tip toed out to the lounge again I glowed knowing how lucky I was to have such a wonderful family. Curling up with my Owner in front of the open fire as we relaxed and drifted off into a happy sleep our arms tight around one another as we made the most of the rare peace that had descended on our house my mind turned to how far we had come since we first met and I couldn't help but snuggle closer to him feeling protected and loved.   

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Busy Weekend once more

With respect to my Owner,

We have had a busy weekend since Friday night it has been non stop my Owner and I been planning construction work at the house and builders will be commencing work this week on transforming the land in the pipeline is my new photography studio and on top of that my clinic should be completed by the end of the week to hopefully if not sometime next week.

Over the weekend we managed to see both of the other women in our lives and spend time with them which as always was a joy!

I even managed to get a bit of teasing in for my Owner with a couple of men that I met as we went out and had fun and of course he also managed to tease me to. There is just something so erotic when you watch the one you love with another

Anyway got to run the children seem to think it's playtime when they should be asleep!

signed his submissive owned

Friday, 7 January 2011

Stepping deeper in...

With respect to my Owner,

I don't think my Owner will mind me explaining this to a submissive I am on a learning curve....I am learning what it means to enjoy the feelings that I have suppressed for so long....feelings I have not acknowledged properly before I met him. With that comes a realisation of what it is that makes us both tick as he walks this learning path with me. He has told me on many occasions that he wants me to understand and enjoy the feelings and needs I have and take comfort from them. It's his support that allows me to do this that allows me to soak up information like a sponge and use the bits that excite me and quench my own desires.

Over the last 13 months our relationship in RL has grown and blossomed we have evolved and come out the other side different people in some ways and better people in others.....our love for one another has become stronger and will continue to grow stronger as time goes on....we are getting to grips more now with the O/o relationship that we are developing.....go back a few months ago we were struggling to think of rules as a couple that we could practice in SL and use in RL or rules that in RL would be acceptable.....and now? Now we have a list developing all of it's own, things that we never realised until now that we did and do automatically.....people have told me many times on my quest of information that there are no rules each M/s or D/s couple finds their own way and there is no Right or Wrong as long as they are happy that's all that matters....and slowly I am beginning to understand this....just the other night I a similar discussion with my Owner about this very subject

Somebody once told me that balancing a 'Vanilla Relationship' and a 'D/s Relationship' can be hard work but very rewarding.....well for me I think the balancing of the 2 is not hard work at all....for us it comes easy and maybe that's the key.....because we find it easy because we balance and compliment each other so well we are able to grow and develop and build this strong bond that feeds our desires and makes us who we are....the rewards are amazing and very fulfilling and will continue to be so.

signed his submissive owned

A morning Surprise

With respect to my Owner,

So it's Friday, the weekend is almost here and as I get up to get ready for work I get a really nice surprise and find my Owner is in SL.....chuckles...I love nice surprises and you can't get better than that....he was with his lover Sen while I worked at the house but before he left he came for a get a hug before I have to think about going to work sets me up for a really nice roll on the weekend! Odin and Winterwolf has a few ideas in mind for this weekend...chuckles....I can't wait!

signed his submissive owned

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Change on my Blog once again

With respect to my Owner,

OK so with a brand new year I thought I would change the look of my Blog and tried a look out that screamed sophistication and looked good but I still wasn't happy so once again the look and feel has changed and this time....I am very happy!

The image of my Collars from SL makes me smile broadly as soon as I log in and I think the image looks very striking on the Autumn/Fall background which is just the time of year my Owner and I love!

signed his submissive owned

Roleplay...What is it?

With respect to my Owner,

OK so I do a lot of RP in SL with many many people in many different ways from general ordinary everyday situations to intimate moments and everything in between. I am able to swap my RP to suit others I can lead I can follow I can emote where needed to help carry things along I can step aside to let others shine and take centre stage and I am more than happy to help newbies to find their feet as they learn the ropes!

For me RP is the one thing that people should really learn to do well, it allows you to communicate on so many levels and helps to not only make the scene feel real but creates memories and friendships that can last a long long time. Getting so caught up in the RP and in that particular moment can create the same endorphins that sex or petting an animal does which makes you smile and is good for you! Good RP feels real you feel it flood through your body your emotions become linked and you open the barriers which would normally be closed or reserved for RL situations

I am not saying that there is a particular style of RP that everyone should use but what I am saying is that every-one should put some effort in it....if I RP with whole sentences or use paragraphs then match me. One word answers and a moan here and there really don't cut it....match your RP partner it's more enjoyable that way!

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Time with my Owner once more

With respect to my Owner

Tonight Master and I have spent time together once more...we spent a while talking visited a few places that we used to go and settled at Olivia's where we had fun and my Owner watched me enjoy another man before claiming back his Owned...chuckles and purrs softly.....mmmm nights like this are just so perfect and next time I'll be watching him with another woman

My Owner understands my desires so well he knows how to make me whimper and shudder as he controls me in such a way that as I submit and surrender to him with hesitation my senses heightened my trust unfaltering and I know that I take care of his needs and desires.....there are signs I look for and as each one shows I know that I am pushing all the right buttons which has me loose control!

signed his submissive owned 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Submission - a cursed word?

With respect to my Owner,

OK so for all those who have been paying attention to my blog near the end of last year your know that I was trying to find out what submission is, what it means to me and why/if I am a submissive.Well in my quest I have found answers and I am happy that I have found out who I am....I have found myself...I am a submissive....but on the journey I have found surprising information from various sources that Submission has become a cursed word. I have tried to understand why this is the case and so here is why I think this is....think back to the relationship your parents had as you grew up....would you describe your own mother as a submissive? Did your father carry the dominant/leader role?

Here's the thing over the last 30-40 years women have been taught by society that its all about Girl Power and being equal to men, we are reminded that we have our rights thanks to a group of strong woman who stood up for what they believed in and woman have fought their bosses to be paid the same as their counterparts of the male world so with that comes the same power the same stress the same workload. The thing is society has forgotten that as much as women like to successful and have that equal power (and here and now let me state that I do believe in most things Men and Women are equal) gender roles clearly show that men and woman have different sorts of power and that's what keeps the harmony in the world. Mother Nature was designed to keep everything in balance and that's where submission comes in. If all women were powerful and had stressful masculine lives the world would have a masculine overload.....I mean take infertility, this is a subject very close to my own heart, a lot of unexplained infertility is caused by the masculine lifestyle a woman leads (OK here comes the science bit) a man's testicles are on the outside of his body to keep them at a cooler temperature. It a well known fact that as you get stressed your body heat increases and that would be no good for the cargo he is carrying so with that in mind switch the thought to a woman as we get stressed and get hotter we damage our own cargo inside our bodies leading to problems later on and as we choose to follow the men of the world and live the same lifestyle they do we put our bodies through stresses and strains that the female form was not designed for...OK so this is a simplified explanation but I think I get the point over to you.

So with all that in mind we grew up believing that we must be strong and not surrender to a man (or more dominant woman) as that is a sign of weakness! Well here and now let me squash that thing I have learnt and I know I stated before most woman may enjoy the control that they get in their ordinary everyday lives especially at work but behind closed doors they give in to their desires and give that control to another. To surrender to the person who protects them and makes the decisions as the dominant one in the relationship gives them a thrill that no amount of masculine power could ever hand to them.

Surrender or Submission is the ultimate goal and thrill and should not be feared it should be embraced....its about time that women who want this feeling who have this desire this burning need should give in to their submissive side and live their life the way they want to. Yes we have purely dominant women just as we have purely submissive men there is nothing wrong with this at all and again it is Mother Nature's way of keeping the balance but what I am saying here is that submission is not a curse its a blessing!

So be proud to be who you are....for me I want to give myself to the man I love....I want him to take all I give to him and nurture it in his hands...I want his guidance and to know that I am his

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 3 January 2011

Perfectly Peachy!

With respect to my Owner,

So what can I say? Tonight I spent the night with my Owner and a very special female (1 of 2 who we love dearly) who means so much to us was the perfect way to round off a beautiful New Year Weekend and as I sit and reflect by the open fire in the living room of my house I can't help but grin and chuckle to myself....I am the luckiest woman in the world to have my Owner who is perfect in so many ways and so good for me....he has my best interests at heart all the time as do I have his and on top of this we share these 2 lovers who are so in tune with us both...the one we were with tonight has me purring whenever we are together.....and when the 3 of us get to be as one...well there is just no holding us back!

Oh yes I am very lucky as I finally manage to shake my flu and feel like the cold I am fighting is finally packing up and moving on and so here and now I want to say thank you to them all for making sure that I rested and for keeping me in their thoughts at all was almost like round the clock care and I for one am thankful

So as 2011 is the year that my Owner and I get to explore as a couple and push our boundaries I know that the women that we both love will be right by our side and I promise here and now to make sure that this particular one takes time out to come and play often...having her as a part of our life is a joy and a blessing.

So here's to being Perfectly Peachy....they both know what I mean!

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Artwork of a submissive nature

With respect to my Owner,

Within the boundaries of the relationship that I have with my Owner I have been on a journey that has allowed me to find who I am, what I am, what my desires are and how I can achieve those with me at his side.

I have been looking at artwork that appeals to me and on my travels I have come across a few some of which is in SL and hangs on the wall in our playroom but here are a few for your delight

signed his submissive owned

Happy New Year - welcome to 2011 - Love and Happiness!

With respect to my Owner,

Happy New Year welcome to 2011

As I write this I have been up for just a little over an hour....last night I had the honour of seeing 2011 in twice once for my own time zone and then 5 hours later for my Owner's time zone and which was more fun and meant more to me? My Owner's of course but it was fun to tease in between that he was a year behind me! Still my Owner and I had a long night together last night on SL and chatting as we RP'd we share intimate moments which left me purring and him growling in delight.

Love is a wonderful thing when the connection is right and it works it's so strong nothing could spoil it....we both discussed last night how far we had come since we first met and it's true we have come a very long way as we both had desires that grew and were answered by each other....we still have a long road ahead 2011 is going to be a great year but it will be a difficult year in places and as long as we make sure that we make time for us and keep each other close we will be fine....2012 will be an even better year but that's a whole 12+ months away and what matters for us right at this moment is the here and now.

In both RL and SL I have 2 collars with my Owner I am sure I have told you that before....1 is my everyday collar and at Christmas that collar became a copy of my RL collar...the other is for more adventurous times and is a metal one with a Heart shape lock on it and currently in SL it is the 2nd one I am wearing...because my Owner and I are enjoying each other and pushing boundaries. So if you see me with a different collar on you know why! 

So last night as we saw in 2011 for the 2nd time we made sure that the bond and connection between us was tightened and later today we will be doing much of the same as we spend more time together...laughing, joking, strengthening the bonds that pushed us together as well as indulging in sexual desires, pushing limits and being tested....2011 is a year for us to explore and grow together.

I am his Submissive Owned and I will shout that for the world to hear....I am happy, loved, protected, wanted, needed and desired. In return I love, need, want, desire, trust, protect, respect and honour him. Yes we have a very solid relationship we have seen many others come and go we have had our fair share of heartache but that is all behind us what we have now is a bright future so as we wave goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 with open arms my eyes are wide open....for once I feel like I know myself...I feel like I have found who I really am and where I his hands I can only grow stronger....I will learn whatever it is he teaches me about us himself and me, I will repay his love in bucket loads, I will be respectful of him at all times just as I have always been.....I have 1 major personal goal this year to achieve and today I start on that's not a new year resolution as such it just so happens it co-insides with the start of a new year and I have until the end of October to achieve it...he supports me in it he understands why I need to do this and I know he will be the rock I need to get me through it but by November I hope to be a completely different person and I know with his love and support I can be....and while he is my rock I will be his as his personal life goes through more changes over the next few months....but both of us will be stronger for it as people and as a couple!

Signed his submissive owned