Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Weekend

With respect to my Owner,

This weekend has been a mixture of perfect and tough in places

My RL is perfect right now and gives me the strength to anything right Owner is wonderful in every way and has not been out of my thoughts this weekend....but he knows that.....other situations in my RL are not causing me issues this Mistress is also just perfect and has made me smile this weekend

My SL life is hectic and about to get a whole lot more hectic but it is all good....big changes ahead and a busy week.....roll on the weekend!

Not much else I can say right now but watch this space!

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I am my Owner's owned

With respect to my Owner,

Like my picture top right says I am my Owner's owned. It never escapes me just how lucky I am. Many people try to cross the SL/RL divide and fail and yet here we are 15 months after we met stronger than ever and enjoying one another in every way possible distance permitting and in just over 8 months time we will be together again.

So here is a message to all those that read this...take a leaf out of our book and never give up because when something is good and works it will find a way to beat all the odds!

Many people who read my profile on SL tell me that what my Owner and I have is very rare...but if it can happen to us it can happen to anyone and I know there are others out there.

Someone asked me at the weekend how we manage it and I told them this:-

Get the chemistry right and the spark will ignite...just remember to never take each other for granted, enjoy each and every moment together and push boundaries....use SL as the visual base and communicate in every way possible but above all love one another completely never let the other person out of your thoughts hold them close and be yourself....your relationship will flourish....find ways to tease each other and drive each other wild with desire and don't let others interfere.

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's good to be Home!

With respect to my Owner,

So this morning I awoke to a plea from my Sister Tara to come join her and talk rubbish...well how could I refuse that? So I made my way to Glint and joined T on the steps to the Sheriffs Office and there we chatted about all sorts as we relaxed in the warm sun. While we were there others came and went and in a throw back to olden days we enjoyed each others company and relaxed laughing and joking as we discussed our Owner's in great depth and caught up on news. The whole time she was away from Glint in Melita I had to send her copies of the DDI in bottles to wash up on her shore and some of course went missing. This morning gossiping with her while taking in the surroundings I realised I was indeed pleased to be home!

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 19 February 2011

To my Owner

With respect to my Owner,

My Beast the Denotaur
We spent time together on Saturday as we often do.

We went to Glint and saw friends we hadn't seen for a while we laughed together in their company and flirted madly and I could not of hidden the smile on my face even if I wanted to....moments like these are precious...grins madly

After that we went to Maui and enjoyed others company at our favourite exclusive resort where I danced on a pole and practised my favourite trick with Linden notes which I am perfecting well these days....winks

Then the beast in you my Denotaur took over and the Demon Minotaur showed himself once more. At his mercy I submitted to him as he made me shake and shudder, my whimpers cries of pleasure and pain as my leash and collar were pulled tight as he thrust into me hard and deep, taking me to the dizzy heights of passion. Losing control to him is something that I enjoy more than I ever thought I would but what really made me feel special tonight? Simple the one thing that I hardly expected....

Our time today was drawing to a close....I knew you were on borrowed time and had business to take care of elsewhere. I enjoyed having the beast so close for so long but after the Denotaur had his fill my Owner, the man I love, my Odin returned to me and took me home to our house there in the lounge on the Sofa by the fire I submitted once more wrapping my legs around your body as my back arched and you thrust into me once more our need for each other full of animal instinct, my leash still around my neck my body burning, sweet words of love and softness exchanged, desires reached, promises made, pleasures received and then before you left our hug that we always start and end our time with.

As he left me
What you don't see is what happens after you go. Sometimes I can't do anything for a while as I think back over the time we have just spent together and sometimes I can go on to do other things without a second thought happy and content.

Tonight I knelt there on the floor where you left me the crackle of the fire still sounding the light outside fading as I basked in the glow of our fire as it warmed my skin, my ring glinting in the darkness, and as I sat there thinking how lucky I was to be loved the way I am to be your submissive owned to be the partner of a man who quite honestly has made me who I am.

So thank you for being with me once more for making our time wonderful as always and just before I sat down to write this I checked in on our kids and smiled....the 4 of them were sleeping soundly. I opened the door and our cat and dog raised their heads in greeting and settled back down protecting our children as they always do and I couldn't help but tingle from top to toe before I closed the door once more.

Our house can seem empty sometimes when you leave even with the kids there when I am alone after all my Owner we are like 2 halves of the same coin we fit together perfectly and without each other we are not complete.

I love you my Owner

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mindless Post

With respect to my Owner,

Work has been so hard this year already and with all the changes going on in our company I am trying to find my feet....knowing how to do my job but not how to use the equipment because it's different and new is is right royal pain in the backside....chuckles....but after just 2 weeks usage of our new software I am beginning to get the hang of it and feeling comfy in my job Owner bless him has had to put up with me moaning and complaining, getting stressed hardly sleeping and in general being that right royal pain in the backside I mentioned before....but his love and strength has meant so much to me....Thank you my Owner because you really have been my rock.

What else has happened? Well I am trying to plan things right now to help change my living situation which is currently not ideal but not something I can change over night.....still it is something I will change by the end of the summer....on top of that I am trying to achieve my goal that I set at the beginning of the year and that I can share now.

I am trying to loose weight...I carry excess weight due to a couple of medical conditions and (I ashamed to say) comfort eating. Last year I did well but did not push as hard as I could have (well that's what I think) and this year...I am pushing hard....I need to for me...I want to be slimmer and healthier and I, as my Owner will tell you, always go for what I put my mind to with full force and so far it is going OK but I do need to push harder now as the evenings stay lighter and I can get out and walk and that will help to increase my exercise and help me to shift more weight.

I have a goal that helps which is the fact that my Owner will be visiting me in November attending a family occasion with me and of course I want to look my best for him and beside him.....which I am sure he knows...but I am doing this for me and that's the point....weight loss is about doing it for yourself not others but having something to aim for helps

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

With respect to my Owner,

Happy Valentines day! Thank you for the Flowers they are beautiful

signed your submissive owned

Sunday, 6 February 2011

I will never be alone

With respect to my Owner,

In SL I will never be alone....not only do I have a great list of friends who I know I can turn to at any time but I also now have the love and guidence of not just 1 person but 2 people....I have of course my Owner who is the most important person in the world to me but I also now have my Mistress as well after my amazingly special Owner added her to my collar and made it official....she is loving, caring and the most amazing woman in the world, incredibly sexy and yet she can guide, command and control me with ease complimenting everything that my Owner and I already do!

I am very lucky indeed

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Perfect Saturday Night...3sum and submission

With respect to my Owner,

The love that exists between my Owner and I is something that is so strong it just delights me at every turn and tonight we shared that with another. The woman in question who shall remain nameless is slowly turning into more than I ever thought possible with another. She is a Mistress in her own right and together her and my Owner make quite a team when they literally have me pinned between them. The love they share for one another is also something very special and although the love the 3 of us have together is different to what my Owner and I have together it is just as meaningful and special.

With her I can be what it is that I am learning I am through the relationship and encouragement that I get from my Owner. She understands just how much my Owner means to me and she is able to stir up emotions in both of us so easily. She can give me orders that I will obey without question as I know my Owner is happy for me to do that with her and I do submit to is a different submission of sorts on a different level to that of my Owner but it is submission all the same and I have a feeling she loves every second of it just as I am pretty sure my Owner does as he encourages me to explore.

signed his submissive owned

Venturing in stages......

With respect to my Owner,

Last night my Owner and I spent time together enjoying others and each other on SL and earlier in the night we had an open discussion about hopes and expectations....this submissive is taking another step closer to finding herself and forming with her Owner the relationship they both crave.

Relationships are built in stages each part has a level or a step and only once that part has been achieved can you move onto the next. I have been venturing down each step some come quickly other's take Owner has been there to guide and support me through each step and together we have grown. Now this step is learning what we want from us as a couple and as Owner and owned. Every person in a relationship has different thoughts and feelings while the expectations change over time and as you learn more about one another others are re-defined or formed.

Humans are complex and Relationships, 'Vanilla' or otherwise, take patience, love, trust and understanding to help it grow and flourish. It takes time to find what you both need to make it work, what it is that ignites that spark and keeps it burning bright!

We have much to discuss and put in place and over time this will happen as we decide when we should be more vanilla in our relationship and when out desires can run free

signed his submissive owned

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Submission - my thoughts part 3

With respect to my Owner,

I am as my Owner would agree, an Open Book, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I can get hurt easily....I work hard and play hard and at work I have to be in control....the last few weeks have been hell at work, (Thank you my Owner for your guidance and being my sound board it has meant a great deal to me), and this week especially has been so much more complicated than normal as we go through changes as a company with our IT equipment and procedures.....I have had to take a lot of pressure and be very much in control more than normal in fact and I am worn out on that front (it may also be the reason for my lack of sleep).....I have controlled all I can and now I am in need of being free of my of being in to be the submissive that I am.

I crave the command and control of my Owner the man I need and desire has lead me to search the internet and read blogs about other M/s relationships and one blog I have read tonight has calmed me once more as I read what could easily have been written by me about my Owner and has so many similarities it is only confirms what my heart has already been telling my head.....that I am indeed a submissive.

There is so much that I long for right now that my heart can not have just close and yet so far....there is a need in me that grows and is so strong that it takes my breath away, it is a need that i have never experienced before we met....there is a want that I can not describe in words that makes my head pound and my body tingle....there is a bond between us as Owner/owned that ties the 2 of us so strongly together that distance means nothing, distance is just a part of us as a couple.....however I know right now that I want so much to submit to my Owner to give him full control, to hear what he craves from me to obey his every order be it rough gentle or anything in between, knowing that I will give it to him without hesitation as I always have done and always will do as I hand him my heart, mind, body and soul willingly as his submissive owned my love for him knowing no boundaries.

Handing him full control of me is a gift that I know he cherishes and the more we set rules and settle into this way of life together the more secure I feel, the more comfort I get from my emotions and how he guides me. This is who I am and he is what I need!

This submissive wants and needs her Owner in so many ways right now.....purrs softly

signed his submissive owned

Trouble Sleeping

With respect to my Owner,

So the last couple of nights I have had trouble's not that I am not tired it's just my sleep gets interrupted and once awake I can not go back to sleep.....I have tried everything....counting sheep doesn't work....god knows I have tried....what's that I hear you cry? Old fashioned tricks? I have tried them all....OK so maybe waking up at 3am in the morning is not my fault today when the dog appears to be unwell but I do so wish I could shut my eyes and go back to sleep

Of course I woke to a surprise from my Owner who had obviously been thinking of me even though we had been apart......Mmmm I do so love surprises!

So if you see me in SL at odd hours it's likely I am suffering from being awake when I truly want to be asleep! Please forgive me if my RP seems a little on the slow side my brain is not functioning as quick with the lack of sleep...smiles

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Realising how lucky I am!

With respect to my Owner,

So last night I couldn't sleep and lucky for me my Owner was home from business he had heard of a Slave/Submissive Auction taking I had never been to one and so he took me with him. We took our places with myself kneeling at my Owners feet and watched all the people around us as we waited for it to begin. I was transfixed as I realised just how lucky I was.....I am sure that I have told you how we met and I was lucky that I never went through this process as the auction got under way bids were placed as the slave or submissive displayed themselves to the crowd selling themselves showing what they were like as the crowd around them listened to information on what the subjects were like, what their limits were and what they could offer their new Master/Mistress/Owner.

Their were 2 up for auction and the 1st sold for a good price but the second was not I watched from my Owners feet I felt for the poor girl and leaned back against my Owner's leg savouring the feel of him so close.....Once upon a time at an auction like this my Owner had brought another, but we had found each other by chance and I smiled softly knowing how lucky I am to be his owned, to have his love to be the one he wants to be with and I never let that knowledge escape me.

I know I would have hated to have gone through an auction knowing that at the end I may not have been snapped up.

No I realise just how lucky I am!

signed his submissive owned 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The year is already going quick!

With respect to my Owner,

Oh my god I can not believe it is the 1st of February already....New year really wasn't that long ago surely!

I know for the last few days of January I have been very quiet....well January has been a very hard month at work on so many levels....honestly it has been really was the fever point in this as new systems came on board and were put in I know the next few days will be hard but once they are completed things will get easier!

signed his submissive owned