Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st January 2012 (New Year Day) RL post

With respect to my Owner,

So with New Years day almost out i wanted to share some thoughts

Just as 2012 is changing in my SL life (there is much more to discuss in the coming few days on that score) the RL situation for us both is changing to.

My Owner and I have many plans for 2012, this has been a year on our calendar for ages now and as it has finally arrived there will be some new things ahead to experience and changes for both of us. So over the next few weeks and months things will hopefully slot into place and I can let you all in more on the big secrets surrounding us but for now my lips are sealed except to say we are both very happy and very secure in our D/s relationship and it has been developed by us to reflect us and will continue to do so!

My Owner will be experimenting more with the command and control issue in both SL and RL and I can't wait...I want to do him so very proud!

Oh and as a new year resolution I have decided that to follow my Owner's wish of updating my blog more often (he set a goal of twice every 7 days) I am going to try and go one step further with at least 3 posts a week if not more...hold onto your hats...2012 is going to be a wild ride

signed his submissive owned

New Year's Day 2012!...SL Post

With respect to my Owner,

So last night was New Year's Eve and before my Owner returned from a little business I got the twins dressed up, decorated the place and then dressed up myself in a brand new set of Black and White Silks.

We spent the night in...just the 2 of us and the twins...the rest of our kids were at their friends places seeing in the new year and that gave the 4 of us some much needed bonding fact it was rather funny because already the twins have very different personalities. Thor is the quiet one who appears to take after his father not only in looks but in temperament too and Gersemi likes to exercise her lungs regularly which, if I am honest, is very much like her Mother! They both however are very happy gurgling babies and often had us in stitches last night with their cooing and giggles at just the right moments!

Still back to the celebrations we spent it in front of the fire the majority of the evening, just having us time and it was very relaxing. We celebrated two Midnights one for my roots back in the UK and the other for the USA...watching both lots of celebrations on the HDTV in our theater and making wishes for the coming year ahead. Then we enjoyed the Fireworks we had at the back of our house as the twins stayed in the warm. The bright lights lit up the dark night sky as the bangs echoed and the ground beneath our feet shook. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped pictures for the family album of the pretty sky with the moon clearly visible and then we made our way back inside.

Cuddled up with my Owner I couldn't help smiling to myself, I am a very lucky submissive woman. Now that the twins are here it is time I got back to being the submissive he knows and loves. I am aware that there are bound to be a lot of changes in our relationship this year. Firstly I am on a Pregnancy ban now for at least a year but I actually think the twins complete our family and I am not sure that we will have any more...I won't say we never will expand our family again but right now I don't feel the need to see anymore kids in our house...well for now anyway and of course talking of our family this past year has been very busy what with our wonderful Wedding day, new house and moving land...I think a slightly quieter year might be in order for 2012. Which reminds me later this month we will have been married 6 months! 6 months...I can't believe it!

So back to 2012, I know that this year my Owner will be exploring some new avenues in his control and command over me and I am fascinated to see what that will lead to! I am sure that whatever he does will enhance the deep bond and loving relationship that we already have and will also serve to surrender me into my submission in a much deeper way than I have experienced so far on this special journey

So with that in mind I just want to say this....I love you my Owner and look forward to it all

signed his submissive owned