Sunday, 15 May 2011

Maui and my Owner

With respect to my Owner,

Of late Maui Swingers Resort is our favourite place to hang out in and we often go there to relax and have fun, with each other and other's. Tonight was one of those nights. After hitting a few other places that were all dead quiet we ended up over at Maui enjoying the music, (they do have some great DJ's), and the sunshine while we made love on the deck on a pile of soft Red pillows.

Giving him full control and command over me, as I did and always do, was as always an experience that I thrive upon. My heart was pounding, my lips moist but my throat dry and my body tingled....the hold my Owner has over me is the most powerful and rewarding one that I have ever experienced with a man. I give him my submission and my love completely and without hesitation over and over again.

Being a submissive is, in my eyes, the most pure and amazing thing that any woman can be.

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Proposal Picture

With respect to my Owner,

So I have been doing pictures for Pry and Tara of their wedding and while I was creating them I set about sorting out the picture of the moment Odin dropped to his knees!

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 8 May 2011

6 months today or 184 days

With respect to my Owner,

Today I am excited and I can not stop smiling.

Exactly 6 months ago, to the date, I left my Owner bound for home full of mixed emotions, Happiness, Sadness and Excitement to name but a few. My eyes sore from the salty tears that cascaded down my face and my heart heavy knowing that it would be a whole year, yes 365 days, till we would be together again. The last 6 months have flown by!

Exactly 6 months from now, to the date, my Owner will be on his way to me and I will once again be filled with mixed emotions. Happiness, Excitement and Nervousness, of course the emotions are all good. I think I may even burst into tears of joy when I see him, in fact I am half expecting it because things between us have moved on in leaps and bounds since I came home.

If the last 6 months have passed in a blur, I honestly can't believe we are at the half way point already, the next 6 months will.....well I think it will be a case of blink and your miss it. 3663 miles roughly give or take Airport to Airport? Pfft....distance is like age just a number, when something works and is right you can overcome anything.

Beyond November? Well it's simple....once the new year comes plans will be in action for me to move to be with him. That will be a life changing moment for both of us and something we have been working towards since we got together and later on this month we celebrate 18 months since we met and became a couple. In the last 18 months we have both seen our lives change, we have both learnt so much about ourselves and each other and we will continue to do so.

Il mio Proprietario magnifici e l'uomo - Ti amo Bello x - il tuo amore Bella posseduto

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wedding fever...A shotgun Wedding, a Shock proposal, an announced Pregnancy and a baby possibly?

With respect to my Owner,

So where do I begin? Let me see....Ah I know how about the beginning? So for a long time now the people of the PRG have been awaiting a very special wedding. Doc Tara my wonderful and sharp tongued Sister and her rather good looking and 'filthy fecker' Master Pry have been together for a very, very, very long time. A wedding between them has been long over due and after 2 failed attempts to get married it was finally 3rd time lucky!

Let me explain, after a day shopping I arrived home yesterday at the big house and word had been sent to me that my Sister was in need of her bridesmaid and that I had just a couple of hours to get ready and head to Glint. My Sister is never one to do things by halves and I raced around grabbing the Roman style bridesmaid dress that I have wanted to wear for so long. Arranging a babysitter at short notice was a tall order and made me arrive a little late and the wedding which was due to start at 2pm (SLT) had to wait for my arrival.

Racing to the Treehouse I arrived to the sight of Tara dressed in a beautiful White Roman style Wedding dress, looking every inch the happy bride although a little nervous, and with her was 2 of our closest friends, who had very special roles in her wedding, Cara as 'Father of the Bride' and Miss V as 'Mother of the Bride'.

Everyone looked amazing and on the beach a gathering was taking place as people took seats in their formal dress and waited with a nervous, dashing looking Pry. My Owner (who looked rather handsome) arrived just in time, as business had threatened to keep him away, and as best Man handed Pry the ring before the music started and the procession lead by myself made it's way across the beach under the wedding arches that showed the route to our places at the front of the wedding ceremony.

Miss T was there ready to officiate the wedding and once every-one had taken their place and Pry and Tara had exchanged greetings at the alter the wedding began. The ceremony was beautiful, somewhere during it Tara tossed me the bridesmaid flowers which matched my hair, there were many tears shed in the crowd, their beautiful vows to one another made my cry with happiness and I think I even fainted at one point but quickly came round. Camera's were snapping everywhere and I took quite a few as the ceremony progressed. Finally the ring was on her finger and they were pronounced Husband and Wife before kissing at the alter to the delight of the crowd. I couldn't have been happier.

So following the Wedding on the beach we all headed to the Bordello for drinks and dancing and having fun. Of course Pry and Tara started the dancing and looked so good together in each other's arms, it was incredibly moving and as all newly-weds they could not keep their hands off each other and sneaked off for a bit of, well how do I put this?.....ah yes conjugal rights.
 The Party continued without them for a while and I even got to dance with my Owner for a bit before Cara wanted a dance and a word with him. I'm not entirely sure what exactly was said I heard snippets mentioning weddings and babies and such like, I know some kind of challenge was thrown down between them involving Cara having a baby in the future with her Master possibly, but I am unaware of the full details and all to soon Tara and Pry were back among us on the dance floor.
Everyone was having a good time and we were even more delighted to have the newly-weds back amongst us happily and flushed from their pleasure together

Suddenly I saw my Owner approach and there was a sudden silence in the Bordello, as my Owner got down on one knee before me and well...proposed. I have to admit that as I looked at him and heard his words my eyes filled with tears here is the transcript:

 [2011/05/06 16:23]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): Drink my owner?
[2011/05/06 16:23]  Tara (tara.bergan): come on so day... Are ya jivin'?
[2011/05/06 16:24]  Pearl (babydoll.pearl): shakes her head, "I need to drink... heavily... before that conversation happens..."
[2011/05/06 16:24]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): What are you doing?
[2011/05/06 16:24]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): need a large straw for that Selina
[2011/05/06 16:24]  Cara Lionheart: yanks Tara around and points at Odin, a huge grin on her face
[2011/05/06 16:24]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): chuckles
[2011/05/06 16:25]  Tara (tara.bergan): Awh look at that!
[2011/05/06 16:25]  Odin Farshore: Winks..." I will sure need one in a moment my owned." Wipes one hand along my brow and takes your hand... " So my owned my sweet Selina, will you do this humble Owner the pleasure of your hand in marriage"
[2011/05/06 16:27]  Cara Lionheart: pales and stumbles in her dance. "Oh hell, he actually did it...I'm in deep shit now"
[2011/05/06 16:27]  Tara (tara.bergan): chuckles 'You are indeed, Prez'
[2011/05/06 16:27]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): guess we should start buying the cribs and baby booties
[2011/05/06 16:28]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): looks down at my Owner as my mouth drops open thinks of saying something funny but thinks better of it blushes and pauses for a second before a big grin spreads over my face, tears in my eyes "Me? Really? Oh yes please, very much so"
[2011/05/06 16:28]  Tara (tara.bergan): We've a job lot of them, we can lend them
[2011/05/06 16:28]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): laughs
[2011/05/06 16:30]  Odin Farshore: Wraps you tight in my arms lifting you into the air... "Damned straight you will love"...placing a kiss on your firm belly then sliding you down in my arms taking your lips in a passionate kiss..
[2011/05/06 16:30]  Pearl (babydoll.pearl): bites her lips together to stop from giggling, and then looks at Miss Cara and shouts, "Congrats!!!"
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): purrs happily and kisses you back passionately
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Tara (tara.bergan): Congratulations you two
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Cara Lionheart: applauds loudly and wolf whistles "CONGRATS!!!!"
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): jaysus we have started a domino effect
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Chefrah: grats indeed.
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): blushes madly
[2011/05/06 16:31]  Pry (pryor.brimmer): if you are single, you better run, or you will end up married some'ow
[2011/05/06 16:32]  Odin's owned sub Selina (selina.winterwolf): manages to whisper thank you and then bursts into tears of happiness
[2011/05/06 16:32]  Cara Lionheart: tries to figure out how exactly to pen this message to Hext...
[2011/05/06 16:32]  Odin Farshore: looks back over to Pearl,... " your in charge of making sure Cara holds up her end of bargain"... winks and teases my lips along Selinas shoulder while cupping my hands around your body from behind
[2011/05/06 16:32]  Pearl (babydoll.pearl): takes off for parts unknown....

I have to say I was shocked....very shocked but I am so excited to! Another wedding in Glint....hmmm now for the planning I guess! However the night was not over...oh no not by a log shot as another announcement was made by the happily married couple....yes you guessed it Tara and Pry are expecting again. Being an Aunty is such a wonderful thing....I am truly lucky to have such great friends and family and more over truly lucky to have such a loving and wonderful Owner

signed his submissive owned

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wonderful Surprises

With respect to my Owner,

The last few days have been full of surprises and none more than this morning. Getting up early to get ready for work and having time to kill, as I was a whole 35 minutes early waking up, I jumped on SL and was surprised to find my Owner on line. He had news for me of a very dear friend and I was very excited to learn information of that person which, not only made me smile, but almost squeal for delight. Let me state here and now that the only reason I didn't squeal was because I was still waking up and it was way too early.

That said what a way to start a day! You can't be a hug from your dominant and in my case my Owner's hugs always have a plus effect on me. I have a huge smile on my face right now! Plus it has set me up to have a good day. There was a time when I could get a hug before work from him everyday but circumstances have changed and now it's even more of a delight when it does happen.

So I guess with that in mind it is time I got ready for work and headed out for my normal day in about 12 or so hours time I will get another hug from my Owner and have a few hours with's days like this that really make me come alive.

Have a good day everyone

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Heart felt post...

With respect to my Owner,

So my Holiday is almost over, just one day left to go and I just wanted to say that this weekend has been wonderful. I am the luckiest woman alive for many reasons

Firstly I want to say a very big heart felt thank you to a great bunch of friends who made a special event in SL all the more special by being a part of it.

Secondly and most importantly I have a message for my Owner, and yes I am being soppy so look away from your screens now....I love you Just 92 days or 6 months and 8 days before we get to be together again

As a submissive I have the most amazing Owner, I can't explain in words just how important my Owner is to me, just what it is that he does to me, or how much I need him. His love, his guidance and his support has taken me to new heights and continues to do so as I am sure it always will.

Right now there may be 3663 miles, give or take, airport to airport between U/us but with every day that passes that gap disappears. In November I get to see him and hopefully early next year I get to be with him at his side always, so the next countdown will be even more important but right now we have this one to concentrate on. For the last 17 months (18 months later in May) we have been developing our relationship and exploring the D/s relationship that has naturally occurred and finally after all sorts have been going on both sides of our relationship there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, W/we both can see and almost touch what O/our hearts desire.

So yes W/we are happy, very happy. Tonight W/we both said some very heart felt things to one another, something W/we often do, but coupled with the conversations W/we have had over the last couple of weeks it had a more profound effect on me than ever before. It made me realise just how far W/we have come as a couple and as individuals.

So thank you my Owner for being you, for loving me, in your own words, 'Unconditionally' and for being my Man!

signed his submissive owned

A special song.....

With respect to my Owner,

At the weekend during a party in the Bordello my Owner introduced me to a song I had never heard before and instantly loved. He did think I might love it so this is for my Owner....I really don't need to say any more than that...enjoy

signed his submissive owned