Thursday, 23 February 2012

I am so bad....

With respect to my Owner,

I am so bad...there i said it...let me apologize it appears that I have managed to neglect my duties and not fill in my blog...I haven't written anything since New Year's Day! How bad is that I mean the end of February is just around the fairness though both January and February have been busy months for me in both SL and RL.

In SL I opened my clinic...which has been a wonderful and rewarding Owner and I have been trying new places and creating new RP experiences...and there is a possible new development in store in weeks to come but for now your just have to keep guessing...and no I am not pregnant! Owner is even developing his own group of Breeder Sluts as I lovingly refer to them as...chuckles

In RL work has been a bit stressful and keeping me busy but more than that and way more important than anything Owner has not been well and I have been extremely worried about him...however I hope he is over the worst now and heading on the path to recovery even if it seems to be taking a long time...and on that note regarding my Owner he is away right now on a well deserved break...of course I miss him like hell but it's good to think he may actually relax a little...only problem is...when he is away...our SL house can feel very empty

signed his submissive owned