Sunday, 28 August 2011

Growing up too quickly and exciting news.......

With respect to my Owner,

We have 4 beautiful gorgeous amazing children. Let me take you through them.

Edson and Malin....our twin boys and our first born, Edson is the eldest and was born 9 minutes before his brother. We are very proud of our 2 eldest Princes who have grown into well adjusted little boys. They are very much like their father in many ways. Edson is more outgoing and likes to make his presence felt, on the other hand Malin is a softie, very quiet and clever. We have high hopes that these 2 will make great warriors of Land or Sea when they grow up.

Our wedding night
Laci.....out little Princess. She is a Daddy's girl the majority of the time but when not well it's me she races to for cuddles. Cute and loving she has a caring nature and loves animals as our Cat and Dog will confirm. I personally would love her to follow in my footsteps and become a Physician in any field she likes and she has the brains for it. She is also a quick learner and is good with her hands. I am sure in whatever she does we will be proud.

Legion....the baby of the family our baby Prince. Well now his character is still developing and I have no idea if he will be a warrior like his brothers. He is much more of a lonely but happy child. He likes to entertain himself and take things apart to see how they work. I can't tell you how many toys he has ruined doing that but he has also been learning to put them back together as his gets older so maybe he will be a creator or designer of some sort.

All 4 of our kids love the Camera and seem to have an eye for pictures but I suppose when you have parents who take pictures all the time its bound to rub off!

So you may all be wondering why I am telling you all this....well it's simple really....all 4 of my children are at Warrior and Private School now the Summer has ended. The eldest 2 have already been going part time but now all 4 can go together they will be in boarding. The twins at Warrior school and the other 2 together at Private School.

Which means for the first time since we got together our Nursery is about to empty. No more cries filling the air. No more Kids climbing into our bed in the early hours wanting snuggles. Odin and I will have the house to ourselves and the animals will get a rest. We could turn the Nursery into a games room or something, I mean the possibilities are endless. Odin and I were just getting used to this news before we got married and had been planning all sorts for our house. maybe we would get something smaller...or bigger?

Isn't new life just beautiful?

Actually none of that is going to happen because well we have news....we are expecting again. Yes that's right we had decided not to extend the family that we wanted to see them grow up and enjoy that but you know Odin and I are happiest when we have children around us. So we are doing it all over again...Parents once more and we couldn't be happier. I think the picture here says it all!

I forgot how much the body changes when your pregnant and as I enter week 9 clothes already feel tight, I also forgot how ill and tired you can feel but every cloud has a silver lining because I forgot how much my Owner enjoys me like this too....chuckles...and this time things are so much more relaxed. We have been here before and we are ready.

We are already discussing names but it will be weeks before we know what we are having and whatever we have, we will be happy so long as they are healthy! We haven't told the kids yet we will save that for when we know what we are having. Although not official we think they will be due around Christmas or New Year or something like that. Which is funny because Edson and Malin were new year babies too! Oh and I guess this means that Legion is not the baby of the family any more either!

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 27 August 2011

One Year on....

With respect to my Owner,

My Blog is a year Old!

I can't believe I have been writing this for 365 days....I know I don't write nearly as much now as I used to, and I know I should try harder but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings

Although my thoughts are with my Owner I would just like to say....Here's to another year!

signed his submissive owned

My thoughts.....

With respect to my Owner,

As the weather closes in on the East Coast of America tonight and throughout the weekend my thoughts turn to my Owner and all those in the path of Hurricane Irene.....mother nature can be deadly sometimes and can provide us with the most spectacular view. The power of the wind is something that can not be replicated anywhere else by anything man made. There is no controlling this and as it batters the US East Coast I prey that all our love ones be them friends, family or partners are all left safe and sound. Cars, buildings and non living things can all be replaced but lives can't and as Military and Emergency Services spring to action my thoughts are on their safe return.

To all those in Hurricane Irene's path....please take care

To my Owner quite thoughts are with you...I love you

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Birthdays and Rez Days.....

With respect to my Owner,

Your Birthday like Christmas and Easter only comes once a year...unless of course your a member of SL....then you get a special Birthday called your Rez day that celebrates the anniversary of the date you were 'born' in SL!

So on Sunday a Party was held at the Sanctuary in honour of Rena and I for our special days and if I say that Rena was 3 you can work out which was which.

So my Owner and I who love to be....erm....different...decided to go in PJ's as we missed the PJ Party the Sanctuary had held the night before. Now never let it be said that my Owner doesn't have a sense of humour you can clearly see from the bunny slippers that he does and he treated me to nearly naked PJ's to....giggles

So we arrived at the Sanctuary, dressed in our...erm...finery....much to the amusement of Rena and Hext and the Party could begin. Pearl was the next to arrive who whisked in the 'Eye Candy'...err....I mean the DJ and then quickly the place filled up with Guests.

Hext was working the Bar, and I must say he is great at cleaning glasses, with Rena by his side while we danced and laughed our way through the night. DJ Thumper played a great set and took requests even playing one of the songs my Owner and I had played at the wedding 'Toad and the Wet Sprocket with Walk on the Ocean'

Both Rena and I had a wonderful time and would like say a big heart felt Thank You to all those who was indeed a very magical party and had us both smiling from ear to ear.

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My thoughts 1 month on......

With respect to my Owner,

Exactly 1 month ago to the date (and time) I became Mrs Farshore and it was one of the most proudest moments of my life. To be able to stand there and tell the world how I felt about my Owner was an amazing moment. One month on things are better than ever. My Owner and I are closer than we have ever been and we have settled back into our normal family life with our kids and me being his attentive submissive under his command and control.

I will say here and now that if you hate cringe moments....don't read any further...laughs....I am very lucky, I know that more than anyone. Before I met him I had been hiding the real me away and now as I write this I am aware that I am a different person. I am confident in myself, I am secure in his love and the future is looking bright. I am a very content submissive. Our Nursery is filled with 3 growing, caring prince's and 1 demanding but sweet natured princess and me? I am the Cinderella to my prince Charming!

Oh and Thank you Cara you summed it up perfectly when you said....

'Odin and Selina - Congratulations.  
And thank you for being my inspiration and proof that sometimes it really is just like the fairy tales' 

Life couldn't get better than Owner and I are coming up to our 2 year anniversary since we met....I can honestly say that the time has flown by and I look forward now to many happy years to come...this is just the start!

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 15 August 2011

Peace at home......

With respect to my Owner,

So after I have cleaned and cooked and the kids are in bed, just before my Owner returns from business, there are a few moments in the house when peace deafens you. It's a moment I love, the calmness and the stillness, but it fills me with an empty feeling. I am never happier than when I have the family around me and so tonight I found a new way to fill that space...and funny enough I was no longer alone!

Watching our Wedding Video!
So there you have it...this is what I get up to when I am alone....I relax just like anyone else!

signed his submissive owned

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The moment you have been waiting for....

With respect to my Owner,

For all those of you who enjoyed reading my account of our Wedding and seeing the pictures here is the video that was taken! Best enjoyed in full screen and with the sound turned up

At this time my Owner and I would like to say thank you to the following:
Expressions Productions for the making of this video
Samual Wetherby for the beautiful Pictures that he took on our special day
All the staff and residents at St Croix Beach Resort who made us and our guests feel so welcomed
Cara Lionheart who performed the most beautiful wedding Ceremony - Cara we love you very much and you made our day so very special - we also want to thank you for helping us to plan this whole day!
Ori (orion.hienke) - the best DJ in the world - thank you for all you have done
Pearl (babydoll.pearl) - for keeping the guests and us under control on the day and for helping when needed
Rosie, Char and X - for being there for us both on our most amazing and special day
A big heart felt thank you to all guests who attended and for the well wishes from those who couldn't

And finally......

Thank you my very loving and gorgeous Owner, Man and have one very happy Wife and submissive owned on your hands.


Signed his submissive owned

Friday, 12 August 2011

It's my Birthday

With respect to my Owner,

Today is my Birthday, I have never really been a Birthday person.....not for as long as I can remember but you know what....I am actually thinking that with my Owner birthdays could be looking up...grins

signed his submissive owned

Edit note....

I do so love my Owner who brought me flowers and another gift....Thank you my Owner