Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Log in issues

Problems logging in
So right now SL hates me...every time I go to log in it tells me it's doing the log out process! I wasn't even logged in at the time I had been asleep or at work or doing something else entirely but apparently my AVI has been Ghosting for hours on end and it's beginning to grate on me as it takes ages to log in!

So if you see me logged on and you IM and get no response don't think I am being rude it's just.....well....I'm not there!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Update on La Presidente and Glint

PRG Symbol
If I was shocked this morning I am even more so now!

The PRG is in danger of loosing control Chief and Deputy head of security removed from their posts until Cara can resolve who is who, a member of the PRG in control in the meantime....A self destruct message detailing an image to horrifying to repeat involving Sir Defiant and 'Pink Frilly Pants' - Personally in my opinion the wrong colour for him they should be light blue to set off his eyes and I don't think he has the figure for them....however this is a demand from the Captors of our beloved first lady and now we look to the PRG Staff team as to their response!

Once again I wait for more news as the situation as grave as it is unfolds before our very eyes!

Powerful Roleplay

Who thought RP could be so good?
Sometimes RP can be so powerful so descriptive, and have so much love and meaning flow through it. Take Odin and I this evening as our RP developed and lead on from another RP within the same Sim we turned on another woman through just words on a screen as we described the sex between us!
It makes my day when others compliment us on our RP to know that others enjoy it as much as we do and that they feel the need to join in and play along.

Its what makes SL so unique....you can be anything you want to be behind a screen and Odin and I choose to be honest and true not just to ourselves or each other but all those who come in contact with us.

Tonight I sign off a caring happy and in love woman....who is yawning and needs her bed!

Shocking news in Glint!

Cara and I as Hooter Girls - Happy Days
I am shocked and truly horrified by the turn of events within my home from home Dark Den. Today I learnt that La Presidente Cara....ruler of Glint....saviour of the PRG.....has been kidnapped....whispers are that a certain Sir Defiant has taken her and locked her in a cell...Pictures and scant details are emerging! I scan the DDI regularly for news on when our first lady will be returned to the citizens who love her.

I hope for the love of God that he does not hurt her in any way....to hurt her would be hurting us all....I pray she is returned safely.....I lend my services to the PRG in finding her but I know that she would not want us to negotiate with her captors...the PRG will never negotiate!

Come home safe and sound Cara we need you!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lazy Sunday

Sexy Pair!
Not much to report really just had a day of being a Midwife at the Mama Allpa Clinic (more on that another time) and saw Odin a couple of times today....I love Sunday's we often get more time together which is nice and today we did a bit of retail Shopping mainly because Odin wanted some outfits but actually Winterwolf got new clothes to (Thanks love) so that was nice....they look every inch the sexy pair! Not that we don't normally of course but well shopping is shopping and no woman can resist that if you know what I mean!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The 3 of Us!

Well this morning/last night we spent time with the other woman in Odin's life his sensual lover Sens! (Thank god Marriage never changed her)
What a time we had Sens and I had Odin like putty in our hands and we were able to let go and enjoy ourselves together to which is always a joy.
Sens and I know how to tease please and tantalise Odin...together we bring him to his knees weak and giddy....and we love every second of it!


My SL collar
OK so this is difficult to describe and probably harder to understand but I will try and explain....

So in everyone's life (hopefully) a very special person comes along and you hit it off from word go, I mean they aren't just special they understand your needs, your wants and your desires. In the case of Odin and I he had worked me out long before I cared to admit as to what it was that I needed, wanted and desired not just to him but to me. He knew me better than I knew myself! Now I guess to most that would have been a shock but Odin and I are connected on so many levels that actually I was hardly surprised.

There is without a doubt a certain special bond that exists between close role players and as that develops and love forms it can only get stronger. Which is what happened to us. Now if you have been reading the blog you will have read about how we met. Well in time I dragged him to my favourite Sim that I was playing on most days. On this Sim I was indeed a slave to another man, (I will explain how this came about and changed in another post), so as he got used to me being a slave his understanding of me and what I needed deepened. To keep my worlds apart before he came to join me on this Sim I had indeed created Selina Farshore. He was honoured that I did so and as he got used to the whole Master/Slave (M/s) relationship he collared her as his own and in time made her his partner, which was a beautiful moment but it was also tinged with sadness as he wanted all of me and couldn't have Winterwolf.

My SL ring "Our Love is Endless"
Many will know that although I role played a great slave almost from word go I had never been nor wanted to be a RL slave. I made that clear on many occasions. Finally however Winterwolf needed to be with the man she loved. So she left her then Master and was collared by Odin Farshore....it was at that time that my other AVI was basically no longer needed so the partnership was dissolved and Odin instead partnered his one true love Winterwolf the rings on our fingers a symbol of the love we share and the wording on the rings "Our love is Endless".

So finally having Winterwolf as his own knowing he already had Farshore and of course knowing that I loved him as I did just rocked his world....he had me all of me....not one part of me was hidden....not one part of me was not his and there is something very special about that. So as time moved on the Collar and our close relationship became very important and one day in a discussion he mentioned collaring me and suddenly it was was what we both wanted....the idea never hung in the air between us it was greeted with open arms and right there and then we knew what we needed. However we both hated the terms Master and Slave as we were partners first and the collar second I mean it was decided that the collar would be used for busy weekends with like minded people and special nights or occasions....however over time that has changed to all the time wearing and a 2nd special collar for more adventurous times. So we decided on the terms 'Owner' and 'Owned' instead.

My Owned Tattoo and Slut Belt
So there you have it this is how it all came about this is how I get to give myself over to the man I love the man who makes my heart beat faster my body tingle and my head spin....he is my Owner and always will be!

The count down is on the final stretch

Count Down to October
So anyone who has been in our SL house will have seen this countdown clock and know what it stands for but for those who don't let me explain....

On October 28th 2010 Odin and I will be in each others arms in RL....this as I often joke with Odin has been the longest foreplay session in history (his normal response to this which always makes me smile is "Yeah Really")....and for the last 3 months I have had the count down clock on the wall drumming into Odin and anyone who will listen how long I have till I fly to be with my love....of course the bad news for every-one and especially the man I love is that with just 2 months left now I will indeed be banging on about it even more....well I have started a week and day count down (8 weeks 5 days for those who wondered)

Still I did wonder how I would stand the wait but honestly it has flown by and now as much as there will be a certain pleasurable torture being this close and yet so far from our special date I am sure that it will fly by just as quick.....yes there are hurdles for us both to cross over the next 8 weeks but it will be so worth it in the end!

OK so it's not just about being in his arms and no its not just the sex.....of course that is a major part of it....but over the time we have been together we have unleashed desires that neither of us knew existed and some we did but had buried waiting for the right person and that 1st night together has more meaning to it that anyone could ever imagine....that night I give myself to the man I love, not just my heart my body my mind and my soul of course he gets all that but.......I give him full control of me, I place my life in his hands as his 'Owned' and I take him as my 'Owner'....yes that's right that night he collars me....I will submit to him willingly.

Yes I did say willingly!

Odin Farshore

Odin Farshore
So what can I tell you? Well he and I share a bond that goes beyond just role play its genuine love, he knows how to push all my buttons and I know how to push his.
We share a passion for....pictures and oh god do we have a collection on SL....we also share a passion for watching each other with others....MMMmmm now that is a thrill!
You see SL is the visual side of our relationship, while distance remains a constant battle, being half way across the world from each other on a daily basis we take each day as it comes!

That's where the idea for this blog came from! Like all things in life Human nature has a tendency to get in the way and cause problems...friends warned me to be careful not to get attached to anyone on SL because it would end in disaster and I am pretty sure that if I had come to SL looking for more than just fun then it may have turned out differently but I came here with no purpose no expectation and not wanting more than fun!

So how would I sum up Odin? Caring, Loving, Funny, Adventurous, Full of Life, Polite, Faithful, Honest, Sexy, Gorgeous and a complete and utter 110% PERV! Trust me he would agree with that last statement whole heartedly! Could I imagine my life now without him? No way...like I said our whole Role Play and Relationship goes way beyond the walls of SL...and he has told me on numerous occasions "I have my man now"

Friday, 27 August 2010

In the beginning

Breeding Motel when we met!
So many will ask and have asked how I met Odin Farshore....funny story really 2 weeks after Winterwolf was created on November 24th 2009 I was still finding my feet in SL having been here once before but left under strained circumstances I found myself hanging around the Breeding Motel...here was where I first discovered the Mama Allpa HUD which was to shape my SL world from there on and really I had no idea how important it would be!

Odin was there hanging out at the Motel along with many other like minded men and women all with one thing on their mind to have fun and breed! He was a Breeder a gorgeous looking AVI which made me want to get to know him to have fun with him...hell this was SL I wanted my AVI to have fun to use the HUD get pregnant over and over....it's Role Play why not enjoy it...so feeling brave behind my screen I chatted him up....it wasn't romantic it was just having fun...little did I know he would become the centre of my world!

So I approach him in instant message (IM) and get chatting we go to a room and we have sex....really the Role Play was and still is (all this time later) so damn good.....I wanted there and then to play with him more often just for the whole excitement of it....he obviously enjoyed my Role Play to as we became friends there and then and after that we saw each other whenever we were on over the next few days...not just at the breeding motel but other places too.

We soon learnt that Winterwolf was pregnant and after going to the Mama Allpa Store for a test it confirmed that Odin was the father! Well to be fair Odin had put in enough work!

Hell one night he logged in and we were chatting in IM I was with another man having fun and I invited him to come watch and he did.....later I learnt that the scene he watched unfold as I fucked another man for pleasure feeling brave enough to tease the father of my child actually meant more to him than anything he could ever describe....in many chats afterwards he described watching Winterwolf and feeling emotions he was unsure you could have about some-one you don't know it wasn't just 2 AVI's at it to him...the whole thing was much more real than that!

My SL Leg Tattoo
After that we were hardly ever apart when we were on line at the same time.....Winterwolf basked in the attention she got from Odin and as her tummy started to swell I enjoyed being in his company....One Saturday morning not long after the watched scene we sat and chatted about our real lives (RL) in IM you know talking about why we were on SL and it turned out that he to had problems in his RL that he was getting away from by being on SL and as we started to compare our histories things just fell into place....and the rest is history as they say from that moment on Winterwolf and Odin were destined to be together!

The Collision!

Worlds Collide
So how do I explain this blog? Well after reading so many I thought it was time I shared my thoughts and feelings with you all.... You see Selina Winterwolf came about because I was bored with my life...my Fiancé and I had drifted apart Sex was non existent and I was looking to fill the void in my life....to have fun to be me to make new friends....I got more than that...I found love happiness and the chance to grow and be myself....fate has changed how I see myself has made me a new person has shown me that if you find love with the right man you should grab it with both hands and never let go....to him I dedicate this blog...he knows who he is and those that know me know that he is my rock my world my soul mate.....I am a woman in love and let no one mistake that! I belong to him every single part of me in heart mind body and soul!