Saturday, 30 October 2010

Safe and Sound

Hello all sorry I haven't been in contact sooner its been a whirlwind 48 hours plus

First of all we are both fine...happy...enjoying each others company

Secondly adjusting time zones is harder than one might imagine lol

The journey was good...slight delay taking off but good all the same...of course as is often the case by the time i got here I had bad news from home that an uncle of mine had was always going to be on thr cards but I felt so vulnerable hearing that so far away and yet my Owner was so good about it that within a couple of hours after we chatted about my Uncle I felt so much more secure

Its the little things like stolen kisses walking hand in hand sharring desserts...chuckles...that make this so incredibly amazing...there are certain things you just cant do on SL

The most amazing thing is the fact that I feel right at home here...being with him scared me a little before I set off on my journey on Thursday as the nerves kicked in and yet as soon as I saw him at the airport all my fears melted

I am lucky very lucky to have found a man who understands me who makes me feel so special and I in turn shower him with love respect trust and my want need and desire for him grows more with every passing minute

So for now as I sit here in the early morning knowing it's lunchtime back home I reflect on the past year with a many new much laughter and joy...finding the love of my life...I am truely blessed and not the same person I used to be...I walk tall...I feel confident...I know I can put my mind to anything I choose to thank you all of you for being there for supporting me through good and bad times and long may it continue

Of course that said there is one further thank you....

My Owner...Thank you for coming into my life, for capturing my heart, for seeing and understanding the real are a gentleman through and through and yet you know just how to control your presence I grow stronger and wiser and know that by your side is where I thank you from the bottom of my heart my have me...ever single part of me and I never want that to change x

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nothing could make me smile more

28th October 2010

I don't think I need to say any more except...I am on my way!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tomorrow is almost here

So how do I sum up how I feel right now?

Well let me explain Owner heard me babbling at 100mph last night on the phone after he finished work because I am on holiday and am so does not escape me how important and how huge this event is but the pure excitement of being with the man I love over shadows everything right now

In just a few short minutes I will be on another website checking in for my flight and tomorrow I make my journey to the airport and then take my flight which will lead me right into his arms...and trust me after 11 months of getting to know each other, making plans, spending time in each others company, flirting, laughing and teasing one another this very magical moment is only just over a day away and neither of us can wait! I call our time in SL the longest session of foreplay in history and that statement often has us laughing!

I am so pleased that we met on SL, that he came into my life and that we both had met at a time when our lives could cross and become one and now finally we get to be together although its only for a short time and every single second of it will be precious to us

I am honoured to be his Owned, I am honoured to have him as my Owner...the love we share is a bond that has gripped us both and held us close through hard times already and there are many more to face but we have come this far and tomorrow we take the next big step.....we link in a commitment that will join us as one forever and that thought makes my heart race, sends a shiver of pleasure down my spine, brings a smile to my face and makes me catch my breath.

Oh yes we are both fortunate and lucky to have each other!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween Event

So this Friday at the PRG Bordello is an event to celebrate Halloween...I spent yesterday making Halloween Posters and put them up in the Bordello and at the entrance to Dark Den....Miss V was very impressed and so was Master when I showed him...the event is obviously a themed event and I hope lots of people pop into the Bordello it should be a good night!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Baby no yet!

OK so our newest addition was due yesterday and no sign...with all the excitement at the Bordello on Friday and all the rushing around I have done this week you might have thought that baby may have wanted to make an appearance but in this case no!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tonight at the Bordello

Wow what a night....finally I head to bed tired and exhausted its technically Saturday Morning and Master decided enough was enough for me as he lead me home and we snuggled up on our comfy bed just the 2 of us....smiles

The event at the Bordello went so well it was better than V and I could have hoped for the staff were there keeping every-one happy and the event which was rather short notice after only taking over last week went really well there was indeed a large crowd.

It has been a busy week helping to prepare for this and have it all up and running but I am very proud of what we have all achieved and as I drift off to sleep cuddled up safe and warm with a big dopey smile on my face I can't help but think how great life is right now!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

OMG 1 week left

This morning I awoke with butterflies not through being nervous but through being extremely happy and just 7 days I get to be with my Owner...I get to be in his arms....I will receive my collars...and everything we have been planning and hoping for will click into place....a few months ago when I added the countdown clock to our house I thought it would never come round this quick and now suddenly the moment is upon us...suddenly the time has gone past so fast it almost feels like I blinked and missed it!

On Sunday my Owner and I will be reaching the milestone of 11 months since we met...11 months!...that time has gone so quick and has been so important full of fun and laughter mixed with tough times but a time for us to grow so close to understand each other and develop as a love for him is so strong my need and desire for him like none I have ever felt before and as we creep towards Thursday and our lives finally reach that happy entangled state, a bond to never be broken I can't help but smile and think how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My God running a business, being a midwife, having a family and being the PR Chief is hard work to juggle...but enjoyable and very rewarding...smiles

Today I have been designing belts I have created one with PR on it for my role and am in the process of doing one for V now as the Exec I also have one that I am creating for Security! Next are the dancers!

With just 8 days before Master, the Kids, Farshore the Pup and I take a well deserved break it appears that things are keeping me very busy indeed!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spending quality time with my Owner

So tonight I got a welcome surprise....tonight my Owner got chance to spend some quality time with me which was fantastic and much welcomed and needed!

We visited a few places and spent time with one another we went into Dark Den for a bit so he could see my handwork and give his opinion on our Friday night event.

We had contact from La Prez of the PRG who was away on vacation and chatted with her about many things and we had time to tease and please each other....mmmm very enjoyable indeed!

PRG Bordello Sign

So I have been busy designing stuff for the last couple of days for the PRG Bordello...I have created the sign as per the left my own uniform which is a proto type and I am sure will change over the next few days which includes a variation of my Slut belt which V likes so much and also a poster explaining our first live event on Friday which is an event based around the whole sexual experience of Pain and Pleasure.

It should be a good event and I have high hopes for short notice it may not be as successful as we hope but you need to start somewhere...I got my submission on the event into the DDI for all to read following my other entry relating to the change of management.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Miss V and her job offer

Miss V
So as if I wasn't busy enough...grins....yesterday I was approached by V and asked to help her with a business proposition....not one to turn anything down without proper consideration I went over to Dark Den to meet with her and she asked me to come to the Bordello....since the devastation that had hit Glint and the re-build of the Bordello V felt it was missing something and had taken it over as new management hoping that it would indeed rise like a Phoenix from the flames

So what did this have to do with me? I wondered...well she was getting round to that...she had an idea that to help the Bordello along there should indeed be a certain number of staff in various roles and as the Exec of the Bordello she needed people around her she could trust and who had the same passion as her to build this into something amazing and give something back to the PRG.

Roles she had in mind were:
Bar Staff

But there was one role in particular that she wanted to fill with someone who was good with their words, great at taking pictures and had a good business head...that role was of the Press Relations Chief and she had one person in mind for that

Now I was shocked and pleased that she had thought of me and tripped over my own words as I expressed how excited I was....I think I surprised her when I hugged her with sheer joy.

So there we have it...I am now the Press Relations Chief for the PRG Bordello as it has been named or as I nic name it....V's place

Sunday, 17 October 2010


OK so here I find myself writing about something special...something that is so easy to put into words and yet so hard at the same all started a few weeks ago and has developed over time into something very special...I don't want to give to much away as I want to keep a lot of it secret right now but I will say this....

Master and I found a kindred spirit yesterday....some-one who's qualities match our own some-one who is interested in having fun and pleasure and knows how to please. Yesterday we experienced major highs together as we climbed a ladder of ecstasy that gave us all fulfilment....the meeting of minds was a real earth shattering experience that left us all breathless and wanting more and Master enjoyed not only watching us 2 together but joining in too.

I want to shout from the roof top what happened but actually I quite like keeping this a secret right now developing it further and seeing where it takes us not that this is a bad secret in any way but I like the whole idea of keeping this between just us right now and enjoying the moment and I am sure that some will know who the other person is or guess over time but right now I am not saying names just that the person concerned can come back for more any time they like...and I truly hope that they do!

Lacey II

OK so yesterday had some surprising results...I mean really surprising!

Firstly Master and I spent all day together which was brilliant we did some sight seeing and eventually ended up at Dark Den to practise some shooting on the range which was great fun and much needed...the competitive side comes out when we do that and we were laughing all the way through it....then we saw Lacey who was cleaning Master Marvin's boat Lacey II and we chatted with her for a while as Master teased her about cleaning the Brass....while we were chatting 2 other friends V and Tami came to join us and we all headed into the boat for a drink and chat.

The last time I was on the boat was for the party to celebrate Master Marvin and Lacey's Partnership which was just after New Year and I mentioned this to Lacey as we stood by the bar and discussed the possibility of an anniversary party...Yay!

At this point Master did his best Tom Cruise impression behind the bar and poured us all drinks and then we all sat around and chatted on the boat. It was so nice just kicking back with friends and having a laugh...we talked about Tattoos and V and I compared ours and we discussed the up coming baby for Tami who is enjoying her pregnancy.

Lacey took us for a tour of the boat and that boat is beautiful Master Marvin and Lacey are very lucky...of course with Master having sea legs I may have to fight him on getting his own boat....grins...I am not sure our small bit of coast is big enough for that!

Anyway Lacey had to leave us as Master Marvin was due to arrive home from Business in the Hague any time soon and she still had chores to finish but she insisted that we all stayed and enjoyed ourselves so all 4 of us hit the hot tub and enjoyed some fun...Oh yes it was a great afternoon...little did Master and I know at that point that more fun was yet to come!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tape Napper makes contact!

Deciding that after all the excitement of the morning so far and with Master asleep as it had been a heavy week for him, the kids playing with each other and the dog bless him, that I would go work on some images in the studio so checking the weather and seeing the sun shinning I open the door and take a deep breath as I feel the warmth of the autumn sun and head out through the garden the sounds of the birds singing and the water ringing in my ears

So I stepped into the studio and found a parcel had been delivered addressed to the business....I opened it and inside was a small tape....Raising an eyebrow I wondered want on earth was on it....I thought for a moment and realised that Master has a tape player on the study shelves so I started the short walk next door to our house slipping past the kids playing quietly putting a finger to my lips to keep the dog from making a sound and climbed the stairs to the bedroom where Master was sleeping soundly.

Tip toeing across the floor to his shelves I removed the tape player and climbed the second set of stairs to the attic and knelt on my slave cushion curiosity making my heart pound and making my breath catch in my throat...sliding the small tape in the machine I pressed the play button and listened to the unfamiliar voice my head telling me this voice was a disguise the words sending shivers of excitement through my body as I replayed it making sure I had heard correctly my heart racing faster at the thoughts that were swimming in my head....taking a deep breath I raced down to the bedroom shouting to Master as I went and jumping on the bed my slave training out the window as I begged him to listen and rewinding the recording once more I hit the play button for him to hear

His own eyes shinning as he realised that this was indeed communication from the tape napping incident a few weeks before and as I knelt on the bed my eyes glued to his face my hands holding the little machine shaking I waited for his reply....the tape recording listed demands and stated that our Tape napper was a private person, they mentioned that there were indeed several copies of the recording available and hidden across head was all jumbled up knowing that others may indeed stumble upon this footage.

Waiting patiently as the information sunk into Master's fuzzy head from his deep sleep that I had rudely awaken him from I wondered what his next plan of action was to be!

Vacation time

So Master Odin and I have decided to take the children away for a holiday once the baby is born and all have a relaxing time we will be away for just over a week so I have been busy packing suitcases and backpacks so that we are all ready for the off...with the baby due next weekend I think we will be away by the following weekend giving us time to bond with the new arrival and giving the children and of course our well behaved Pup a holiday to remember...I have to say I am really looking forward to the break and I know Master is to!

My Beloved Sis

Tara and Pry

Today I went to see my beloved Sis Tara and her Husband Pry in their new home it is beautiful and while I was there I met another member from the Island Auriane and it was nice to see Tara in full flow moaning about the slaves she is working to train....chuckles

While I was there Pry arrived also and it was nice to see him as well it has been a while...smiles

Tara is due to give Birth soon and expand her family once more and she looks matter what she says....smiles

We got talking about the Feast she is arranging to celebrate Samhain which is the is a Gaelic festival held on October 31–November 1. The name Samhain is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer's end" - it's basically a Harvest Festival and reminded her of home

I do miss having her around all the time and spending time with my sister was a joy....smiles

Our Babies are growing up!

Malin Laci Edson & Farshore Pup

Wow aren't our babies growing up? I took this after I dressed little Laci in a new outfit her hair is so cute and I hope that in the future it will go the same deep red as mine but for now its so gorgeous that colour....the boys are just adorable and Farshore Pup is loved by them all...soon there will be a further addition to this little close lovable group and all 3 of them are so excited! Their Dad and I are really proud of them all they are growing up fast and are a credit to us!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Baby news EDD 23rd October 2010

Not long now!
Month 9 of Pregnancy is so un-predictable....I am so tired once more, I need my family close to me, the house is never tidy enough I keep moving things around and I am sure the that both Odin and the Kids are fed up with my mood swings but lucky for them the new arrival is due soon and to make that official I thought I would release our latest scan picture! I feel incredibly lucky to have such a lovely family!
Now where is the hoover?

My Owner

Stronger than ever
Last night before I went to bed we were talking about all sorts most of which is personal and I would not publish on here but during that chat he realised that I needed something from him that he could give me no matter the distance and that came in the form of reassurance.....the smile on my face from that moment to now has not disappeared and the warm feeling I feel within is stronger than ever...I could never thank him enough for coming into my life, for understanding me and for excepting me for me

He knows how important he is to me.....he knows how much he means to me....he knows how he has changed my life....he knows what I need, what my heart desires and with every passing day we reach new heights as we awaken feelings we both buried deep before we met one another

I just hope that as his Owned I understand him as well as I believe I do and that I can continue to make him happy because right now I know how much his life is changing and together we grow stronger and support one another with everything that life throws at us, as 1 unit, as soul-mates the connection between us so strong

13 Days!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lina Gooz and Bump!

Lets see!
So tonight I was at home and my sweet kind loving younger sister came by to visit her already large bump made me raise my eyebrows a bit and my midwife instincts kicked in so taking her to my clinic I asked her a series of questions which aroused my suspicions yet further with her answers and we got down to the serious business of a scan

I warned her the gel would be cold but she was an old hand at this my 5 current nieces and nephews (well it would be complicated to call them anything else) confirmed that....we joked about how she always called me the crazy constantly pregnant sister but here she was already 1 ahead of me and now pregnant once more.
Dad joins us

We talked about Gooz as I fiddled with the ultrasound machine and eventually just after the image flickered on my screen Gooz joined us to share in the happy event as the dad to be!

I couldn't help but cry as the beautiful image cleared on the screen and my suspicions were correct my free hand rubbing my own 9 month bump a huge smile across my face....from the picture below I think you can understand why I was so happy for them...I don't think I need to say more....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Updates all round

So I have had a couple of busy days and finally have found time to update....The clinic is doing well all seems to be going swimmingly I have clients coming out of my ears not literally of course so to speak but in the last few days I have had many book appointments and others come to see me....The Photography business is picking up interest its all looking good.

I had a long conflab with my sister and best friend Tara in SL tonight...she is excited that in a couple of weeks I get to be with my Owner....smiles...talking of the visit I believe I am almost ready to go now!

Oh and talking of my Owner we had a lovely day together yesterday as per the was nice to be with him for such a long time....grins....and it was an unexpected pleasure to which is always a bonus!

We went to Glint for a bit and saw all our friends there which was brilliant fun....even Sabi was there which made me smile and Argent plus of course Lacey.....more about all of them another time...I could right pages on all of our friends...grins

16 days my love...just 16 days!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Business Premise

OK so Master and I had the option to expand our land and it made sense to stop looking for land for my business and instead have it right next door to our house....and I have to admit that it is indeed a very sensible idea.

So today I have spent time setting it up and decided that as a midwife to that I should have my own small clinic so that I can combine my 2 my building has my Photography Business downstairs and clinic upstairs and I have to say its the best idea ever. Now I am never too far away from the family even while I work! Smiles all round I think...grins

Master is Home

Finally Master has returned and into his arms I rushed the children were asleep so we got some quality time together and now I am very happy as I have my family back together. Always nice to have the Family back to much as I love having the children close to me there is nothing quite like having the man I love and serve right by my side!

The house feels warm once more, always feels a little cold when Master is missing! The Farshore/Winterwolf household is full of laughter and joy once more!

Welcome Home my Master

Friday, 8 October 2010

My thoughts! OOC

Autumn or Fall whatever you call it this time of year is my favourite...the trees and bushes changing colour, the nights drawing in as Winter approaches, the feel of the holidays not all that far away coming closer day by day, the shops full of goodies to temp us into spending money and children playing in the piles of fallen leaves and jumping in puddles.

Here at home the winds are getting up the darkened nights happen earlier and the mornings are cold and dark and yet I love that feeling I love the thought that Christmas is around the corner that the new year will soon be upon us and with that comes the promise of new memories. Letting Father Time in on 'New Years Eve/New Year's Day' (midnight) to chase out the old year and toasting that the new year will be as good or better than the last depending on your circumstances!

Yet this year has a new meaning to it for me...this year there are 2 important dates for me to enjoy....first of all 28th October the day I get to be in my Owner's arms, the day I get to wear his collar with Pride and cement our commitment to one another as Owner and Owned a bond forever never to be broken....oh how I have longed for this day for so long and yet this is something I had never dreamed of before I met him, I would never have thought that I would want to belong to some-one in quite the way that I want to belong to him, I want the world to know that I am his, I want to submit to him and to obey his commands and above all else I want to show him how much I love him.

Then on the 24th November we get to celebrate 1 whole year of being together....1 whole year! God how time flies....smiles...OK so technically we met on the 24th and it was January when things developed but I think 24th November is the special date because from that chance meeting to the current day we have never looked back and our relationship goes from strength to strength!

Yes like all couples we have had, and will still have, many hurdles to cross many bridges to build but each day we get a little closer to our personal goals, we get a little closer to each other, we get to enjoy each others company and support one another even with such a distance between us! As we make plans for the future, as we make plans for each other, the days continue to pass and just as the last year has flown by so will the next of that I am certain...each day leading us closer to each other!

Oh yes I love the Autumn, I always have, but right now I love it even more...right now it has such meaning and depth to it and always and forever it will hold a very special place in my heart!

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Time now 07:16 07/10/2010 Arrival time 00:35 29/10/2010 (UK time) countdown 3 weeks or 21 days or 521 hours or 31,278 minutes or 1,876,725 seconds till touch down! (times rounded down)

I'm not way....not me!...Grinning from ear to ear!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Update on Master

So last night I heard from Master which was is being taken care of and I offered him a food parcel...quite how  he would get it I have no idea...its the thought that counts.
Us all

He spoke to the children so they are happy and I am relieved that he is safe and sound....missing him like crazy and waiting for his the meantime I am working on Photography business related stuff so watch this space....oh and Farshore Pup is really stepping up to the plate guarding the family I am sure that Master will praise him when he gets home...I am thinking that Master and I could do with a vacation!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

OOC Letter for my owner - heart felt

My Owner,

I know the next few days are going to be hard, in fact so will the next few weeks and months...nothing I can say or do will make it any easier. I wish I was there...I wish I was closer...I wish I could lighten the load for you.

Soon Love
I can only hope that knowing I am here....knowing that I am thinking of you always....knowing that I love you the way that I do will be enough for now until I can be with you in 25 days time.

I can't pretend that I know what your going through...all I can say is that my thoughts are with you and that I love you with all my complete me and knowing what you give up to be with me humbles me and makes me feel so lucky

Today a new chapter we turn a is going to be so hard on you and as I sit here I struggle to keep my emotions in check....because I can't say to you what I want to say, I can't tell you how I'm feeling because I can't find the right words...I so tried over the last few days and I hope that I said for now I just type this knowing that over the next couple of days you will read it and I am sure that you will understand what I am trying to know me so well by now!

I am here always...I am not going anywhere....our time is almost here

I love you

Love forever your Owned x

Keeping the Fire Burning

Missing my Master
So Master left me this morning to go away on business....he left me rather reluctantly and went on his way with my love surrounding him and a bag full of sandwiches and a flask of coffee, well you can never be to careful!

So now I am home alone...I have the children for company and they are a great source of comfort our unborn baby is kicking like mad and the dog is on guard! It will be at least 5 days if not longer before he is back and in the meantime I will keep the fire burning and look after the place until his return and even though I will do that and the family are here the place seems empty without him.
Me the Kids and Farshore Pup
However I know that he will be in contact as much as he can and I will never be far from his thoughts and when he does return I will rush into his waiting arms and we will be together once more until that moment comes I will busy myself with the family and my Photography Business counting the hours down until my love returns!

Saturday, 2 October 2010


So today Lina and I spent some time together this morning and she helped me with my Photographic business!

It has been ages since Lina and I spent time together like we did today and she has even agreed to having some pictures done to help me promote my business...we spent the day on and off chatting laughing and remembering old times with pictures and all sorts

Today was a good fact it was a great day...we discussed her relationship with her soon to be master Gooz or as some may know him Sir Sailor and I am happy for them both. We dressed in PJ's and lazed around in the living room of mine and Master's House and it was a happy that reminded me of the first time I met Lina.

Lina was a major part of our life and still is but for different reason's now! There are many stories I could tell you about Lina....but there are not enough hours in the day to do it justice!

So Saturday although Master was away on business once more and could not be with me....was filled with laughter and fun from a good friend who knows me so well!

Friday, 1 October 2010


Malin Laci and Edson
The nights are drawing in fast now and the mornings are darker, Master and I are currently getting ready for the patter of tiny feet as our 4th baby, a boy, will indeed be due in roughly 20 or so days...this pregnancy has been kind and throughout we have continued to enjoy life and each other to the fullest.

With such a short time left I have been enjoying the rest and relaxation....our other children (our twin boys and my little Prince's) Malin and Edson and (Daddy's little Princess) Laci are growing so fast and looking forward to having a new baby brother to play with and protect

Master Odin and I are lucky to have such a wonderful family and I am sure there will be many more additions to come but right now the little life now fully formed and almost ready to meet the world is my top priority. So watch this space for news shortly....I wonder what we will call our 3rd little Prince?