Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations Wills and Kate

With respect to my Owner,

What a beautiful Wedding.....for all those of you who have not seen the wedding and have been avoiding the media, here is my tribute to the new Royal couple 'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge' or as I prefer to call them Prince William and Princess Kate (Catherine if you want to be picky). Kate's Dress was beautiful, William looked stunning and they make the perfect couple! Oh and Harry looked dashing to!
Well done you two!

And of course no wedding is complete without 'The Royal Kiss' or two!

signed his submissive owned

In Honour of the Royal Wedding

With respect to my Owner,

So today Prince William marries Kate....I wish them both all the luck in the world. Today all eyes all over the world are upon them. So in honour of that and because I wanted to use my SL photography skills for something fun here is a picture of their engagement last November and with it is 'Prince Odin and Selina'

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Countdown part 2 - it begins now!

With respect to my Owner,

This won't come as a shock to him that within moments of my Owner arranging to come see me that I blurt it out to the world....he is used to my idiosyncrasy's by now.....grins...but I can't help but squeal and purr 195 days, 14 hours and 41 minutes or 6 months, 12 days, 14 hours and 41 minutes till I get to see my Owner...roll on November 9th!

One happy submissive here!

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What my Owner's collar means to me....

With respect to my Owner,

I was reading an interesting post on a web site recently and that got me thinking that I should clarify to all what mine means to me....

My Owner's collar is the most important thing in the world to is the symbol of the commitment that we share and the bond we have. It's his gift to me as his owned, it shows all that I belong to another that I am protected that my heart, mind, body and soul is owned by him, that I give myself willingly and freely to him. A circle that represents the unity, love and trust that we have in and for one another.

Look at it this way...what does your wedding ring on your finger mean to you?...I bet I would be right in guessing that it's similar to what my collar, trust, honour, support and faith are probably just a few words and that's my point.

The collar given to me by my Owner is in fact my wedding ring just around my neck not my finger and if you think that might be a bit far fetched listen and believe me when I say this.....even in marriage a woman may not give herself completely to the man she is married to and yet as his submissive I give him all of me without reserve or hesitation, my trust in him never questioned.

The collar my Owner has entrusted me with a very special gift....very special indeed.

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Warm feelings - RL post

With respect to my Owner,

This week is flying by can you believe it's almost midweek already?

My Owner and I have been making plans for later this year and beyond that, discussing our relationship in detail and defining rules that will help to fulfil both our needs within the Owner/owned relationship that we have and with each passing day I am letting the world see more and more of the submissive side of me that my Owner loves and desires. The close and loving bond that we share is growing stronger all the time and I know that what we have is special. A year ago I struggled with these feelings that were rising to the surface and then my Owner admitted similar feelings and once out in the open....well...things have moved on in leaps and bounds.

I have said it before and I will say it again...I am his submissive, I am his owned and I will always be that. He is my Owner and at his side is where I belong

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 18 April 2011

The weekend...and now back to work....

With respect to my Owner,

Wow what a weekend in and out of SL!

SL wise - I have been worried about 3 close friends all going through changes. I did some work in the Garden at Home and planted some more flowers, which reminds me I need my Owner to drop off some more of certain colours, something odd happened to me and my partner in crime Sabi which lead to us believing we were empresses on Saturday. Needless to say I did need to make a rather in depth apology to the citizens of Glint on Sunday which I got published in the local newspaper, (Odd when you can't put your finger on something....), I can't really tell you any more that happened than that because honestly I hardly remember a thing. Most importantly though I got to spend time with my Owner and enjoyed every second of it, his loving and attentive ways, mixed with that edge or rough and firm control setting me alight in so many ways.

RL wise - My Owner and I reached new heights in our relationship and deepening commitment to one another, which has left me feeling like I could walk on air this morning. I am smiling, I am relaxed and I am happy but more than that I am growing within the boundaries created by him and enjoying the freedom that it gives me. I am excepting me for me and want to be the very best submissive that I can be, which I know he has no doubt that I will be as more and more of my nature is unveiled to the world. I love my Owner more than ever and I know he knows that, he sees it in me every day.

Now its Monday, the weekend is over and normal life resumes, it's a short week this week, Easter is fast approaching! Roll on Thursday is all I can say.

signed his submissive owned

Saturday, 16 April 2011


With respect to my Owner,

Today I registered with 'The Slave Register' and became an official collared submissive to my Owner I have dedicated a page to my certificate on my blog in the tab navigation bar so I won't include a picture here

I am a true Submissive

signed his submissive owned

Ownership Flag and Icons

With respect to my Owner,

As I learn more and more about the D/s lifestyle I am finding things that I did not know before that make perfect sense and I find I accept without question. Once upon a time I would have laughed at, or run away from, this information and the ideas they provoke. Now however I am hungry to learn and take on board all that I can.

Today I learnt that there are symbols denoting 'Ownership and Possession' that I had no idea existed and so below are the details of this

Description MaleFemale
Symbols for the planets have existed for hundreds of years, and Mars and Venus are used as a shorthand for male and female sexes in biology. To indicate gender in an ownership icon, we used the arrow (male) and cross (female) from these symbols. Mars symbol Venus symbol
The symbols for owners, masters and mistresses use a shield to represent the head of the household, with an arrow or a cross to indicate gender. Shield
80px 16px 1200px
Arrow on shield
80px 16px 1200px
Cross on shield
80px 16px 1200px
Owned slaves and collared submissives' symbols consist of a circle, representing a collar, and the gender arrow or cross. Collar
80px 16px 1200px
Arrow in collar
80px 16px 1200px
Cross in collar
80px 16px 1200px
The symbols for free submissives place the gender arrow or cross inside a broken square, representing an unlocked cage. Cage
80px 16px 1200px
Arrow in cage
80px 16px 1200px
Cross in cage
80px 16px 1200px
The Collar Shield combines the symbols for owner and owned, and can be used to represent Ownership & Possession itself, and is the basis of the Ownership Flag. Collar shield
80px 1200px
Ownership Flag
100x60 1000x600 more...

These symbols have, in my eyes, a very clear meaning and are easy to understand. I think they should be more widely used

signed his submissive owned

Friday, 15 April 2011

D/s Relationships

With respect to my Owner,

Over the last few days my Owner and I have been developing our D/s relationship and as part of that we have been building rules and such that will form a major part of our future life together.
Alongside this I got thinking about what a D/s Relationship is and how I would explain it to another so that they could walk the same path we are. So stripping it to the basics this is what I came up with:

My 10 rules for a D/S Relationship

1. Open - A Dom is considered to be the teacher and the protector in a D/s relationship and therefore your sub will look to you to learn all they can from you. However equally you to must keep an open mind, there is much that even an experienced Dom can learn from another Dom if you have the chance and above all learn from your own sub, learn what they need and build upon it. As a sub learn from your Dom and from other sources around you, learning is a beautiful thing that can open your eyes to new and exciting things.  

2. Sensitive - It's a fine line being a Dom who must enforce rules and yet be sensitive to the needs of your sub and this takes time and patience. Allow your sub to trust you, never break or threaten to break that trust. As a sub you need to trust your Dom completely, let them guide you and don;t forget that your Dom is human they will make mistakes so when mistakes happen acknowledge them appropriately and move on gracefully.

3. Humble - Don't either of you sing your own praises no-one needs to hear that instead show each other and those around you how good you are at your own role, and with each other, within your D/s relationship and demonstrate it to each other on all levels all the time. 

4. Honest - A Dom can't be great in every area of a D/s Relationship or of BDSM so be honest with your sub and learn together. Only take you and your sub to levels you are completely comfy with. Equally all subs should share their needs and fantasies your Dom expects it, and if something new scares you or your just not comfy with it tell your Dom, they can't mind read and will respect you for it.

5. Patient - D/s Relationships don't happen overnight. They take much practice and require work from both sides. Both halves of the D/s Relationship have different qualities that balanced and blended perfectly over time soon become one, where one ends and one begins becomes blurred as you join together. Sometimes things will go wrong but together you can work through that.

6. Realistic - Both of you need to know what is fantasy and what is reality. Never promise or agree to something that you can not deliver. False expectations leads to hurt and unhappiness 

7. Healthy - BDSM requires you both to be in tip top condition for both physical and emotional health. Never enter into a session below par this will lead to misunderstandings happiness and the possibility of being hurt. Make sure you have a 'Safeword' so that both of you know when to stop of either one of you can not deal with what is happening or if signals have been misread.

8. Genuine - Doms, a submissive looks for some-one who can take over their mind body and soul so make them fall in love with you, expect them to give themselves to you totally. Hold this submission close and respect it.  Stick to rules and limitations, follow them up and expect obedience and punish when you need to. Subs, Let your Dom take over you completely, give in totally, surrender and submit with all your being, your very nature requires you to be controlled, directed and owned. Respect your Dom and expect punishment which you should accept gracefully. Just remember that you Dom has many thing to be concerned with so be loyal and dependable. 

9. Communicate - Communication is the basis of a trusting relationship, set aside times or ways when you can both have open discussion without fear or repercussions. This could include a diary for the sub to write in daily where they can write anything they like and the Dom can read this and not punish the sub for their thoughts but equally the Dom can write a reply to this entry for the sub so that the sub may understand their point of view so that in future there will be no misunderstandings

10. Fun - Enjoy each other and the unique bond you have as you create and share intense feelings and pleasures. The bond of a D/s relationship and the commitment that you both put into can be stronger and mean more that the vows of marriage. Treat it and each other with respect.

signed his submissive owned

Thursday, 14 April 2011

D/s Relationships alongside Vanilla Relationships

With respect to my Owner,

Firstly....Vanilla is such a horrible word to describe the normal relationship couples have and yet honestly there really is no other word for it. As it is a recognised word we all understand it I guess using it gets the point across and so to the point of my post

As my Owner and I have grown closer and our D/s relationship has developed I have begun to see how each part of our relationship is different but compliments the other strengthening it and adding to it. What I have noticed is how the Vanilla part is the base for which our D/s relationship is able to grow upon.

I now liken it to the following...the Vanilla part is like the foundation of a building, it is and always will be the base (the heart of us as a couple), the D/s part is the bricks and mortar that forms the building, it's bond and strength knows no boundaries.

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Interesting Conversation......

With Respect to my Owner,

Tonight my Owner and I were in Glint and we got talking to a RP'er there (lets call her 'A'). She has been exploring her place in Glint and was asking questions of my Owner about 'why it was better to own woman than have...normal relationship'
I had to laugh because there is nothing unusual about our relationship, many people all over the world have a relationship like ours.
It is funny how this RP came about right at this moment as my owner and I have over the last couple of days been defining our relationship and discussing the D/s part of it in great detail.
The RP that followed did cross SL & RL.
I have edited this to make the main points stand out.....

A: Sir Odin may 'A' ask question off you?
O: yes, what is that 'A'
A: Question is..why is it better to own woman rather than have ..normal relationship"
O: Well 'A', there is a much more intense bond we share between each other. Selina is a true submissive and in our relationship we feed upon the power she gives over to me and the command I control her with"
A: seems to me all advantages lie with you..she gives you everything and all you do is take what is offered
S: "may i my Owner?"
O: "of course Selina"
S: "not at all, in our relationship I am protected loved and well looked after I crave command and control and from him I get that added with discipline to tame me. I get to be free within the confides of our partnership and share a bond with him that could not be replicated anywhere else and in return I love him obey his orders submit to him and give him the submission that he I right my Owner?"
O: well put my owned, Of course this is not for everyone and there are many ways in how folks behave within such relationships. 'A', that is a Japanese name now isn't it? Correct me if am wrong but in Japanese culture until maybe the last decade or two women were pretty submissive to the men there were they not?
A: Women submissive to Father until married..then submissive to husband..not slave though..not collared old days..days of samurai was different..and 'A' not Japanese..'A' is Okinawan.."
O: "ahh please excuse me 'A' Okinawan, good people indeed... My collar which Selina wears is as much a symbol like a wedding ring but for us it has a stronger conotation"
A: so submission give stronger emotional bond than marriage?
O: "Yes, in some way it does, at least for us. Like I said before, it is not for everyone and the way such couples see it has many variations...Some are very strict and others more relaxed... It is what works for them in particular that counts"
S: "if I may be so bold I would say that being his owned and wearing his collar is not just an emotional bond it is a physical bond and commitment between us that a wedding ring can't quite match"
A: beginning to think she not ready for this..too many pitfalls..
O: "But a wedding will follow to show more openly in rl that we are partners. This it is not for everyone, but then we were not looking when we found each other"..winks
A: so Masters with 7 8 9 girls..not really Masters at all then.
O: "sure they are Master but also one busy fellow to try and keep up with all the ladies"
S: some masters can make that juggle other's prefer one on one
A: "I do not think I would trust a man with so many "
O: Winks..." You never know 'A', some fellow or lady depending on your taste may come in here someday that just sets your heart on fire and your desires soaring"
S: If I may be so bold to speak once more I would say that for me I know first hand how hard a poly house can be and prefer the one on one
A: "true Sir Odin and maybe someday 'A' fly out of here on back of Pig..wonder which will come first"

signed his submissive owned

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rhianna - Only Girl (in the world)

With respect to my Owner,

So OK here's the point first let me make it clear that I am not a major fan of Rhianna or anything but this song is driving me nuts....for months now I have been hearing it on SL and it seems to be everywhere I go to the point that I now know all the words and badly sing it so to do her justice as I had never seen the video here it is and hopefully now it will stop following me around! I am also being stalked by another song see my other post

signed his submissive owned

The other song that stalks me

With respect to my Owner,

This is the other song that keeps following me around right now especially at work so in an attempt to stop it here is Gwynethh Paltrow & Tim McGraw with "Me and Tennessee"

signed his submissive owned

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Honestly Talking

With respect to my Owner,

When I met Odin in November 2009 I had no idea that a chance meeting would lead to something that would take us both on a journey of discovery, I was an unhappy woman and he wasn't happy either. Now almost 17 months later, I am more happy and in love than I ever thought I could be and I know he is I see that every day.

In the early days we had no idea how things would turn out but he took the time to see me for me and learnt what made me tick. He understood what it was I needed and then he helped me to see and understand myself.  My Owner has me on edge so often from softly spoken words to raw commands that make me shiver in anticipation, purr with pleasure and sets my skin on fire. As his owned I shine, I grow in confidence and I become more and more secure in who I am.

In return I love him, I submit to him and I surrender myself to his ownership freely and willingly. I am his submissive, I am his lover the woman who knows how to make him growl and smile. I live to hear his laughter, to feel his love to be controlled by him in all ways and the feeling grows stronger with each passing day. I will do anything he commands, anything he asks without hesitation, my trust in him never waivers.

A few weeks ago I wanted to write something here and yet I struggled for the words to type because I wanted to be open and honest here and I needed his permission to do so, which he gave to me without a moments doubt and this was the entry that I wanted to type, it's like shouting it out to the world but more over it's me telling him honestly and openly how much he means to me

My Owner I love you

signed his submissive owned

Monday, 4 April 2011

W/we couldn't be case you wondered!

With respect to my Owner,

Let me start by clarifying the following point "I am the happiest person in the world" there I said it! I have the most amazing, gorgeous and loving Owner on the planet (and in SL in my humble opinion) and with each day that passes as his owned I am more secure in his love and as a submissive than ever before.

On top of that I have a very wonderful and loving Mistress and a wonderful group of friends. I feel very fortunate and last night another submissive that my Owner and I met served to confirm that to me even more as she spoke about what she was looking for on SL and how she had suffered at the hands of a false Master.

So right now I am very happy, W/we are happy. Life can only get better these days

signed his submissive owned