Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas is coming...

With respect to my Owner,

So tonight I wished my Owner Merry Christmas as he prepares to join family for Christmas and New Year, the break will be good for him and I bravely kept my tears back as I said goodnight.

I am a very soppy person and my Owner would never expect anything less of me, over the past 3 years he has got used to my little ways...I dare say the tears will flow as my head hits the pillow tonight not because I don't want him to have a good time but because I just want to be with him and around him especially at such a magical time of the year but once tonight is over I will have adjusted to him being missing and once he notifies me he is at his destination I will relax. I too am going away but not for a few more days.

It's not like I wont hear from him of course I will and probably more often than I do every day...its moments apart like this that bring you closer and tighter together and before we know it the New Year celebrations will be over and he will be back at home and our normal daily routine will commence we will both have stories to share and bond over.

So to my Owner....I love you...stay safe for me...can't wait to speak to you and hear from you over the holidays and will miss you like crazy...but more than that...Merry Christmas...enjoy every second of it

signed his submissive owned

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